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Dermacare’s LifeSculpt Results!

A current client was kind enough to share with us her LifeSculpt experience.  LifeSculpt is the laser assisted liposuction technique that takes advantage of the Palomar Technologies “SlimLipo” laser.  **** I wanted to comment on the recent SlimLipo (LifeSculpt Procedure) I had there and also thank you ALL so much for patiently helping me get a “better body” I…

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Does Getting Juvederm Hurt?

This is a frequently asked question, during our initial consultations, when Juvederm treatments are a consideration.  Without any numbing, the answer to this question is yes.  Fortunately, there are several tricks we can use to make the experience virtually pain free. Earlier this year Allergan added lidocaine (same stuff the dentist uses) to Juvederm.  We…

sagging skin san diego

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Liquid Facelift: The Nonsurgical Solution to Sagging Skin

Don’t let wrinkles and fine lines drain the life from your smiling face. Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to mean dreading your own appearance. While there are hundreds of creams and masks on the market that claim to tighten up loose collagen and elastin, the sad truth is that most don’t provide your…

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Fraxel: Lasting Results!

Recently we have had two clients come back into our office that were past Fraxel clients.  For various reasons, life had kept them away for a couple of years and now they were returning for other services.  What was very exciting was how amazing their skin still looked.  When asked about their procedures, they were…

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I Love Learning!

The thing that has energized me the most since transitioning from traditional family practice to Dermacare is the learning process.  I was becoming burned out after 17 years in family medicine.  This has been a great change.  Medical esthetics is a relative young field; new technologies are being developed all the time.  We are still…

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Hair Loss: PRP vs Hair Transplant

People who are searching for ways to restore a receding or thinning hairline are often met with two choices: platelet-rich plasma treatment or a hair transplant. It’s not always clear which is the better option, so let’s have them go a few rounds to see which approach comes out on top… Round 1: Procedure  When…

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To Botox or Not to Botox?

At Dermacare, sometimes clients struggle with what it means to “age gracefully”.  They ask themselves: should I get a Fraxel, Botox, or just accept the changes in my face and “age gracefully”?   These questions have made me wonder what does it mean to age gracefully?  Maybe getting treatments is aging gracefully.   Aging gracefully will mean…

prp for skin rejuvenation san diego

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3 Ways PRP Therapy Can Enhance Microneedling

Regaining that long sought-after youthful appearance doesn’t have to mean aggressive procedures and long recovery periods. In today’s medical cosmetic space, there are a handful of options for total skin rejuvenation. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, two particular procedures are well-liked among patients: microneedling and PRP therapy. What is Microneedling? Microneedling, also known…

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Juvederm Lips

Is there any thing worse than too much Juvederm in the lips?  Of all the areas we can use Juvederm and other fillers, none causes as much concern as the lips.  We have all seen too many “Real Housewives” and Hollywood types who have bad lip jobs.  Recently, I have had a parade of these…

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Advanced Laser Training

I just got back form a weekend of advanced training on our Cutera Lasers (Limelight IPL, Genesis, Laser Vein Removal, Titan and Pearl).  One of the world’s top experts on the treatment of veins and other vascular conditions was sharing his tips and knowledge with us.  In addition, I was able to network with other…

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Another Happy Dermacare Client

We are always thrilled to hear about happy clients.   The biggest compliment we can receive is you honoring us with a referral or repeat business.  See the e-mail below. “Just wanted to let you know that I am happy with my Botox and Juvederm results. I have an upcoming appointment  for a check up, and also…

cellulite san diego

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How Can I Get Rid of Cellulite?

There aren’t many health conditions that discriminate, but unfortunately for women, cellulite is one of them. Ladies of all sizes, shapes and colors suffer from these unsightly dimples. As for why women are the target, you can blame science. Anatomically, men and women both have bands of connective tissues, called septa, under their skin. Structurally,…

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Remembering Chad

Last week, my kids’ first week back in school, was devastated by the untimely death of one of their teachers. Chad Peterson died suddenly at the age of 38.  He was not just another teacher for our family.  His high energy, enthusiasm and encouraging soul had touched 3 of my kids in special ways. My…

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It’s Not Just Fat

Whether it is Botox, Juvederm, a laser treatment, or most recently our LifeSculpt (Laser assisted liposuction) I continue to be amazed at how profoundly affected people are by the outcomes of a procedure.  LifeSculpt, in particular has been transforming for people.  Repeatedly, people talk about how their life has been changed.  More specifically, their outlook…

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3 Quick Beauty Treatments for the Holidays

With the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years coming there will be lots of parties, visitors and pictures being taken.  I am often asked what can we do to get quick results, so we look, and feel our best for this holiday season.   The answer is easy: Microdermabrasions, Juvederm, and Botox.  Lasers are the most effective…

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How Many Fraxel’s Are There?

The Fraxel laser revolutionized the laser skin care industry when it was introduced in 2003.  Prior to that the CO2 and erbium lasers were the key lasers for skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation.  Unfortunately, these lasers had significant complications rates, long down times (4-5wks) and were not safe on darker skin types.  By “fractionating” the…

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“We Have a Laser for That!”

When I tell people what my husband does…I’m not going to lie…I get the comment, “How did you get so lucky?”  Well, I am lucky, not only is my husband a really nice guy, he’s really good at his job! The other reason that I’m lucky is that I get asked if my daughters and…

dark bags under eyes san diego

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Are Lasers Safe Around the Eyes?

If you’ve been searching for the best way to achieve total skin rejuvenation, you’ve probably noticed the handful of procedures and treatments on the market. For those seeking a more dramatic transformation, a facelift or eyelid surgery may be the right choice. But if you’re looking for a non-invasive way to turn back the clock…

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Shining a Light on Sunscreens by Jeff Birchall, M.D.

When it comes to maintaining good looking skin the most important thing you can do (assuming you don’t smoke) is to avoid sun exposure to the skin.  We live in San Diego because we like an active lifestyle, which includes being outside enjoying our beautiful weather, so for most of us, avoiding the sun means…

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A Botox Date

Who would have predicted it, a Botox date? In the last month I have had several couples come into the office to get Botox together. There was a little more laughter that the usual Botox appointment. Combine it with lunch and no kids. Maybe these couples are on to something?

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2011 Dermacare Reflections

Transitions are a good time for reflection on the past, celebrations of accomplishments coupled with lessons to be learned. Transitions are also a time for looking ahead, dreaming dreams and taking stock of the work that needs to be done to accomplish those dreams. A new year is one of the transition times. So here…

Anti Wrinkle San Diego

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Lasers vs. Injectables: What’s Better For Around Your Eyes?

Aging skin can be a nuisance to your overall appearance. When lines and wrinkles start to appear, you may try out a handful of “guaranteed to work” lotions and serums, only to be let down by their less-than-stellar results. Your face is something you show to the world every day, so if you’re unhappy with…

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Body Sculpting

Our cosmetic practice has been expanding over the last couple of years. This has been in part because of our own growth and progression as a clinic and a provider, and also as a result of advances in the field. Historically, the cosmetic field was a surgical specialty. The tools that were available were limited;…

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Amazing Collagen

What is all the fuss about collagen? Since most of you have had a consult at our office, you know we like to talk about collagen stimulation…a lot. The reason for this, the amount of collagen and health of the collagen in the skin makes a huge difference in what our skin looks like. Show…

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Is Lifesculpt For Me?

One of the questions I am often asked about Lifesculpt (or any of our other body shaping procedures) is, “am I a good candidate?” Well, the answer isn’t always straightforward. There are several things that we consider when we are evaluating someone who’s interested in Lifesculpt. This includes their overall health, their current and past…

Laser Vein Removal Treatment

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Sclerotherapy versus Laser Vein Removal

Warm weather calls for shorts and flip flops, but visible veins can keep you from enjoying all that our nice weather has to offer. The blue and red networks of veins tend to be most common on the legs, but they can also appear on your face, chest, hands and feet. Not only can these…

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Spot Me

The aging face has three basic changes; volume loss, collagen loss and color changes. A lot has been made of the use of fillers such as Juvederm, or fat to replace age-related volume loss. We have previously written about using topical creams, chemical peels and lasers for the restoration of collagen loss, but this month…

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Solutions For Making Your Eyes Shine

One of the biggest areas of concern when clients come in for a consultation is the eye area. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, we all find big, beautiful eyes appealing. Recently, I was looking at a picture of the three Kardashian sisters and tried to decide what made Kim…

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Dr. Birchall’s Skin Maintenance Plan

It is a truism of life that if things are not maintained, they break down. If you own a house or a car, or are in a successful relationship, you know this is true. Our skin is no different. Without the investment of time, effort and money, the effects of age, genetics and the environment…

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Combination Treatments

Sometimes a skin consultation can be an overwhelming process, especially if it’s your first exposure to current medical skin care. There are so many options and choices available. What do I do first? Can the treatments be done at the same time? How will the treatments and products interact? Which one is best? Then you…

vampire facial patient

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How Does a Vampire Facial Work?

While synthetic cosmetic injectables have become the norm these days, sometimes the best option for rejuvenated skin is a non-synthetic method. Vampire facials take advantage of your body’s natural healing process, using plasma taken from your own blood—no synthetic fillers necessary. Though the process has been around for about 20 years, the vampire facial has…

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A Helping Hand

I have been told if you want to know how old someone is, just look at their hands. With the advances in technologies, we have a number of tricks and tools—mainly lasers and fillers—that allow us to fight the effects of time on our face and restore a more youthful presentation. With all the attention…

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Smooth Skin

We all want smooth skin, but can we achieve it? Fortunately there are a lot of things we can do for this. With a combination of skincare products, medical peels and lasers working both at the cellular level and tissue level, smoother skin is definitely achievable. The first thing to consider in achieving smoother skin…

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LifeSculpt (Laser Assisted Liposuction) and Weight Loss

One of the more common lines of questions that come up during a LifeSculpt consult is about the effects of weight loss on the liposuction procedure. Is there an ideal weight? Should I lose weight first? How will weight loss affect the procedure? Etc. The ideal candidate is at a healthy weight with a stubborn…

laser skin treatment patient

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Laser Maintenance: The Key to Glowing Skin

October is the month to come in for your next laser treatment. At Dermacare San Diego and Dermacare Carlsbad, we are ready to provide you with your next routine laser appointment to keep you looking healthy and feeling great. Most laser treatments require minimal upkeep to ensure the results are enduring. If it has been…

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Get The Lift

Get The Lift The most exciting development in cosmetic medicine in the last couple of years is the improvement in our understanding of what causes the sagging face. This has come about largely as a result of the development of several new options for treatment. When the surgical “face lift” was the only treatment option the…

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Voluma is the latest addition to our toolbox of fillers. It is FDA approved for restoration of cheek volume and facial rejuvenation. It is a hyaluronic acid just like Juvederm. This means it is a compound that is naturally found in the human body, making it very safe. It is different in that it is…

tattoo removal patient

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3 Things to Know before Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have body ink you no longer like, you are not alone. In 2016, more than 52,000 tattoo removal procedures were performed in the U.S., according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Fortunately, those suffering tattoo regret today have much better options in removal than those seeking to eliminate their body ink…

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Holiday Greetings

For me and my family this is the Christmas Season. A chance to reflect on those people in our lives that have allowed us to get through another year.  A chance to show the people around us that we care about them and appreciate them.  A time to be grateful for the many blessings, material…

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Growing by Shrinking

We have been reviewing our LifeSculpt procedures (laser assisted liposuction) and have found that we are averaging 15 LifeSculpts per month, since we introduced LifeSculpt in January of last year.  Patients are noticing chin lines are improving, arms are looking more toned, pant sizes are about 2 sizes less and their “muffin tops” are gone.…

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Turn Back the Clock on Crepy Skin

Technology provides help for one of the most challenging issues of aging. One of the most frustrating, age-related skin care issues is what is known as “crepiness”; dry, loose, papery skin that has an almost shriveled appearance. Often irregular in texture and color, it most frequently appears on our necks, under the eyes, on the hands,…

skin rejuvenation patient

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Everything You Need to Know: CO2 Laser Treatments

Laser skin rejuvenation has become the go-to choice for skin renewal for many individuals, but it can be hard to know which device will work the best for you. At Dermacare, we offer different laser options, allowing us to customize treatments to the precise needs of all our patients. Our CO2 laser, the SmartSkin CO2…

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How to Glow

On a recent vacation, I had the opportunity to do some people watching. Being in the cosmetic field, I spent that time looking at a lot of faces.  There were many women between the ages of 30 and 80; some were pretty and some, not so much.  (Of course, all of this “research” had to…

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“Synergy” -the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements   I am often asked “what is the key to good skin? Or, what is the best thing to use for my skin?” Being an overachieving, pleaser type, I work hard to give…

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Carlsbad Fire Update

Carlsbad Fire Update  You may have noticed that our Carlsbad office has not been responding to your calls.  Unfortunately, our building was damaged in the fires.  Fortunately, we were all safely evacuated from the area and our homes and families are safe.  We hope each of you can say the same. We are in the process of…

skin moisturizer

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3 Factors in Choosing a Moisturizer

No matter what your skin type might be, a moisturizer is likely a necessity for your daily skin care regimen. This is especially the case during the fall and winter months when even the supplest of skin can become dry and itchy. Choosing a moisturizer is no easy task when you consider the massive number…

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Carlsbad Fire Update #2

Our Carlsbad location suffered damage in the recent fires. Fortunately, all of our staff are safe, and none of our equipment was damaged. Unfortunately due to the structural and water damage received during the fire, our office will be out of commission for the next 4-6 weeks. We are however continuing with treatment in a…

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Fire Update #3

The process of restoring our Carlsbad office is underway but will be another 3-4 weeks. In the meantime we are very grateful to East of Bali for letting us use their location as we continue to see our Carlsbad clients. Thank you for all your patience and understanding.

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Instant Collagen

Radiesse is one of our options for “volumizing” the face and the hands.  As many of us are aware, over time we lose the fullness in our cheeks, lips, and virtually all parts of the face.  As a result, we start looking tired, sad and saggy.  The same process is occurring in the hands and…

fat freezing patient

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Which Body Shaping Procedure is Right for You?

Achieving a smoother, sleeker body contour is easier today than ever before, thanks to a wealth of contouring options now available. But with different treatments to choose from, how do you know which procedure is going to give you the best outcome? At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we offer an array of body…

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Cooling Off Fat

Dermacare is pleased to announce the addition of the CoolSculpt procedure to their repertoire of body shaping services. CoolSculpt will add a non-surgical, no downtime treatment option to Dermacare’s weight loss counseling (TSFL), and laser assisted liposuction (LifeSculpt). This complement of options will allow Dermacare to customize a plan to meet most everyone’s goals from complete…

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Turn Back the Clock with Sculptra Aesthetics

Dermacare is excited to announce the use of Sculptra Aesthetics to our practice. This revolutionary injectable treatment gradually reduces the appearance of fine line and deeper facial creases for a natural look that is decidedly younger over time. Sculptra Aesthetics offers long-lasting results, without giving the impression you had your face “done.” What is Sculptra…

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Sagging Skin: Why You Get It, What to do About It

Skin sagging is one of the common signs of the passage of time on your face. Loose skin creates a worn look and encourages the formation of deep facial creases. Why does skin sag as we get older? Environmental factors, as well as normal body processes, are the most common culprits. The good news is…

fat freezing patient

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Are CoolSculpting Results Permanent?

For the majority of women, the effects of aging, pregnancy and heredity will have their way when it comes to developing areas of unwanted fat. Diet and exercise may help, but for many people, specific regions of the body just won’t let go of fatty deposits. CoolSculpting can make those troublesome areas go away! As…

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LifeSculpt vs. CoolSculpt: Which is Right for Me?

Body contouring comes in a wide variety of packages today. While this allows plastic surgeons to customize treatment to the unique needs of the patient, it can also pose more choices than the average patient is prepared to make. For example, LifeSculpt and CoolSculpt are two popular procedures available at Dermacare Laser and Skin Care…

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Solutions for Flat Buttocks

With full, curvaceous buttocks now the rage, women with a flat, shapeless derriere are turning to plastic surgery to create those curves. At Dermacare Laser and Skin Care Clinics, we believe the natural approach is best – which means using your own resources to create the body contours you are craving. Natural fat transfer can…

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Smooooottthhhh Skin

We like it. We like the feel when we wash our face. We like the feel when someone else touches our face. We like how it looks. With it, we look healthier, more vibrant and more energetic. Yet it can seem so elusive. Don’t despair, we are actually starting to get a good understanding of…

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Should I have a Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion?

There are a number of options in skin rejuvenation treatments today, which can make it difficult for you to know which treatment will provide you with the best possible results. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are two effective exfoliating procedures that offer excellent results, depending on the specific concerns you want addressed. Which of these tried…

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Ready To Lose Weight? We Can Help!

Losing weight is much easier to talk about than to actually achieve. Most of us who have tried to shed extra pounds quickly realize the process takes time, commitment and discipline. It can be challenging, sometimes even impossible, to lose that weight alone. That’s why Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics now offers DC Lifestyle…

CoolSculpting patient

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CoolSculpting on the Arms

Here in California, the weather’s great all year round, but summer brings with it an additional slew of outdoor social engagements. Think Fourth of July barbecues, poolside afternoons, tropical vacation plans and maybe even some camping trips. This leads to an important question you’ve probably been thinking about for a while. Do you really want…

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Younger Looking Skin with CO2

As we age the collagen in our skin ages with us. Over time the support structure which is made of collagen starts to break down and become uneven. When the collagen breaks down, wrinkles start to form. The Smartskin Co2 Laser is a great way to help reduce or eliminate wrinkles by creating microscopic pulses…

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Is There a Secret Botox Society?

Botox has become the go-to anti-aging treatment for both men and women, but not everyone is willing to come clean about their injections. In fact, a recent article in Cosmopolitan explored the issue of secret Botox treatments in some depth, interviewing women that not only kept injections secret from their friends, but their significant others…

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Sculptra Aesthetic: The Next Generation of Dermal Fillers

Sculptra Aesthetic is a whole new type of dermal filler that offers subtle results over an extended period of time. The active ingredient in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic version of lactic acid. This substance helps to replace lost collagen far beneath the skin’s surface, supporting the internal skin structure for a smoother, more…

CoolSculpting Patient

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CoolSculpting: Where Does the Fat Go?

At Dermacare Laser & Skin Clinic of Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad, a CoolSculpting certified practice, Dr. Jeff Birchall and his team are delighted to offer CoolSculpting procedures to patients in the greater San Diego and Carlsbad areas. Since its introduction, CoolSculpting has quickly become a popular treatment for patients and with good reason. It can…

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Turn Back the Clock on Your Hands with Natural Rejuvenation

Your face is not the only place that will belie the passage of time. The hard-working hands also suffer the effects of aging, with the appearance of age spots and thinning skin that makes the veins on the back of the hand protrude. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we offer treatments specifically designed…

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Making the Choice in Injectable Treatments

Injectable treatments are an effective way to enhance your appearance and address a variety of skin concerns with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Despite their relative ease, it is important to choose a skilled injector and the right formula if you want to see the best results from your treatments. Dr. Birchall and his staff…

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Get Bikini Ready with Laser Hair Removal

If unwanted body hair is keeping you from looking forward to the upcoming summer season, now is the time to take action. Get your body bikini ready with laser hair removal from Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics. We offer state-of-the-art laser treatments to give you a smooth, silky look just in time for the…

Vaginal Rejuvenation Patient

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How Does MonaLisa Touch Work?

The Intimate Solution Women Have Been Waiting For At Dermacare of Rancho Bernardo, we are proud to offer MonaLisa Touch to our patients, a transformative procedure that can help you feel rejuvenated from the inside out. MonaLisa Touch is a safe, effective, gentle and lasting solution to vaginal atrophy and its symptoms, which cause many…

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What are My Options in Acne Treatment?

Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S., according to the American Academy of Dermatology, with 40-50 million Americans suffering from this condition every year. Until fairly recently, the only way to treat acne was through topical and oral medications. However, today’s acne sufferer has many more options, with a myriad of cosmetic…

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Summer Skin

More and more people these days are having issues with their skin and don’t understand why. What people don’t realize that in our quest for a tan, we are severely damaging our skin. Several things can happen when we tan. You skin will become dull, have increased redness, brown spots, wrinkles, and in some cases…

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Sagging Skin Getting You Down? We can Help!

You may think fine lines and wrinkles are the worst thing to fear about growing older, but sagging skin can take a much more dramatic toll on your appearance. Over time, skin loses its laxity, resulting in excess skin hanging around the eyes, cheeks and jawline. Though injectable fillers are part of the solution it will…

Tattoo Removal Patient

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Laser Tattoo Removal vs Tattoo Removal Cream

Regretting the misspelled quote on your forearm? Or the brand logo you got on a dare? Or the ex’s name your current love isn’t so thrilled about? As tattoos become more common, so does tattoo regret. Even ink you once thought you’d be happy with forever can lose its shine as time wears on. You…

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Body Contouring Procedures for Summer

If your body is looking less than stellar during this bikini season, the professional team at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics can help. We offer a variety of minimally invasive body contouring treatments that shape and sculpt your contour with little discomfort and downtime. Check out these procedures that can get you in shape…

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Men and Cosmetic Procedures: The Brotox Trend

 It is a well-known fact that Botox injections have taken the aesthetic industry by storm. In 2014 alone, more than 6.6 million patients invested in Botox treatments, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. What you may not know is that more than 410,000 of those treatments were requested by male patients. The age…

Fraxel discount

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“Fillers”- Help, I am Confused!

The world of injectable cosmetic fillers has exploded over the last few years. In our clinic alone we have seen over 30% growth in filler use each year for the last five years. This year we have seen a 37% increase year to date. There are several things that contribute to this growth. Increased societal acceptance…

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4 Uses for Dermal Fillers You Didn’t Know About

Dermal fillers , also referred to as soft tissue fillers, are injectable treatments used as an effective anti-aging tool. These procedures have been used for some time to smooth away fine lines and facial creases, particularly around the nose, mouth and jawline. As their popularity has increased, so has the variety of formulations, allowing physicians…

laser treatment patient

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How Do Lasers Work to Rejuvenate the Skin?

Today, women and men have multiple options to rejuvenate the skin safely and achieve long-lasting results. These rejuvenation options include chemical peels, microneedling with PRP and laser as well as more invasive procedures for individuals who have more severe symptoms or desire more dramatic results. Lasers, however, can be an especially great option for people…

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4 Carlsbad Beaches to Visit before Summer is Over

Summer may be nearing a close, but it’s not too late to check out some of the best beaches in California right in your Carlsbad neighborhood. The staff at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics has a few suggestions where you can go to bask in the sun and surf – and show off your…


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Half of All Consumers Seeking Cosmetic Procedures, Study Shows

A new study has found that popularity of cosmetic procedures is on a definitive rise, with as many as half of all consumers considering a cosmetic procedure in 2015. Data came from the 2015 ASDS Consumer Survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. The primary aesthetic goals of consumers included a desire to turn…


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Facial Fillers get High Ratings, Study Finds

Juvederm Voluma has become a popular option for restoring volume to areas of the face like the cheeks and jawline. Now, a study has found that the formulation offers very satisfying results to most of the patients treated with the injectable procedure. The study specifically looked at patients with moderate to severe signs of aging…

dermal fillers patient

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What Type of Filler is Right for Me?

In the pursuit of younger-looking skin, injectable fillers have become an increasingly popular treatment option. These products offer a fast, convenient and effective method for correcting imperfections, enhancing volume and redefining areas of the face. Today, patients are offered a wide variety of facial fillers to help address all kinds of cosmetic concerns and aesthetic…

SculpSure Body Contouring Treatment

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Is SculpSure the Right Body Contouring Treatment for You?

Are you looking for a way to smooth out some curves and achieve a leaner body contour without invasive surgery or an extended recovery period? At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we have an innovative solution for you. SculpSure, the latest in non-invasive body contouring is now available at our clinics, offering patients a…

facial treatment patient

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When Should I Start Facial Laser Treatments?

Facial Laser treatments are designed to induce the body’s natural healing processes, stimulating collagen production to remodel surface skin and strengthen its underlying structure. With highly developed safety protocols and proven long-lasting results, lasers offer a myriad of benefits for men and women of all skin types and conditions. Given the customizability of laser skin…

New Year New You

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Weight Loss Help for the New Year

Weight loss is one of the top resolutions made at the beginning of each year. Unfortunately, it is often easier to make the resolution than to stick with it and see it through to completion. If you are serious about losing weight in 2016, the team at Dermacare has a few tips that will help…

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Emerging from Isolation: Redefine Your Goals and Yourself

As states across the nation begin the process of lifting shelter-in-place orders and reopening salons, restaurants and other businesses, there is still much uncertainty about how COVID-19 will impact our lives. This has been a challenging time for everyone. We’ve felt anxiety, grief, guilt, anger, boredom, loneliness and other intense emotions that have taken a…

Laser Treatments San Diego

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Laser Treatments 101: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to achieving your aesthetic goals with minimal discomfort and downtime involved, laser treatments are the way to go. There are many different lasers available at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, and each laser can enhance your natural beauty in different ways. How do you know which laser is right for you?…

Winter Skincare Tips

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Refresh Your Winter Skin with the VI Peel

Winter is a tough season for the skin, as colder temperatures outside and forced heat inside lead to dryness, irritation and a dull appearance overall. Wake up your tired winter skin with the VI Peel, a cosmetic treatment many celebrities swear by due to its unique formulation and stellar results. The VI Peel is a…

Rejuvenated Skin

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5 Tips to Rejuvenate Winter Skin

Winter is a tough season for the skin, with colder temperatures and dry air creating all kinds of wear and tear on your complexion. Now is the time to rejuvenate tired winter skin before spring officially rolls around. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we feature an array of cosmetic treatments that will help…

laser hair removal patient

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Get Spring-Ready with Laser Hair Removal

With spring right around the corner, now is the time to get ready for sleeveless shirts and shorts by eliminating unwanted facial and body hair that can interfere with your fresh, seasonal look. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we offer laser hair removal treatments that provide permanent hair reduction benefits. Check out why…

laser genesis patient

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Anti-Aging Benefits of Laser Genesis

When it comes to turning back the clock on your appearance, you have many different options. From injectable treatments to surgical procedures, you can tighten loose skin, smooth away wrinkles and restore youthful vitality to your complexion. If you are looking for a way to get effective anti-aging results without discomfort or downtime, the Laser…

neck lift patient

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It May Be the Year of the Neck

“Take a look at the neck if you are unsure of someone’s age. It never lies.” This is something that I have often heard, and I’m sure you have too. While many people realize the importance of using high-quality skincare products on the face and getting treatments like Botox and fillers, the neck is an…

Non-surgical fat reduction patient

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Get Ready for Bikini Season with Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

It won’t be long before the beach is calling, so now is the time to get ready. Don’t let isolated deposits of fat get in the way of looking your best this summer. If you schedule your fat reduction treatment now, your body is sure to be beach-ready by the time summer rolls around. At…

leg treatment patient

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Are Your Legs Ready for a Sun-sational Summer?

With the winter months behind us, now is the perfect time to get ready for summer. It typically takes a couple of months to experience optimal results from any new skincare regimen or treatments, so be sure to get on the ball! Before we know it, shorts and bathing suit weather will sneak up on…

Buttock augmentation patient

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Add Curves with Buttock Augmentation

If your backside is lacking the voluptuous curves you desire, maybe it’s time to give Mother Nature a little help. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, Dr. Birchall offers natural buttock augmentation that uses the patient’s own fat cells to create fullness and curves to the derriere. This procedure can be performed on an…

IPL fotofacial patient

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“Spring” into the Season with IPL

If you are looking for a way to refresh your look for the new season, why not start with your skin? An intense pulsed light (IPL) fotofacial can be the perfect way to add a radiant glow to all your favorite spring fashions. In addition to your face, IPL can also be used to treat…

Permanent make-up artist

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Meet Michele: Permanent Make-Up Artist

We are excited to begin a new relationship with Michele Villanueva Lee, a local permanent make-up artist, who is now a community affiliate of Dermacare. Michele worked in the medical field for more than 25 years, assisting doctors in all back office procedures. She trained at the prestigious Huntington Academy of Permanent Cosmetics, where she…

aging truck driver

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San Diego Sun – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and we, at Dermacare, are proud to support this educational initiative. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. One in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime, one in 55 will be diagnosed with melanoma, and melanoma is the…

outdoor activities

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Staying Active in San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful place to live, particularly for residents that like to enjoy outdoor activities and adventure to the fullest. The city boasts a plethora of trails and natural scenery to enjoy hiking, jogging and biking to your heart’s content. In addition, the proximity of the water allows for multiple water sports like…

using sunscreen

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The Importance of Sunscreen

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics is celebrating by devoting the month to educating our patients about the importance of sun protection. Skin cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer in the U.S. and also one of the most preventable. By simply practicing savvy sun protection…

Acne treatment patient

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How to Get Rid of Acne

Affecting up to 50 million Americans, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Acne can rear its ugly head in the form of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes commonly found on the face, neck, chest, and back. While many people associate acne with…

acne vulgaris

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What Causes Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that affects adolescents and adults alike. Characterized by a variety of different types of pimples, this disease can be as physically painful as it is emotionally embarrassing. Acne can significantly impact a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem, making it more than a simple skin problem. Fortunately, there are a number…

dermal fillers patient

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Go Natural with Your Filler

Dermal fillers are a popular way to get a quick enhancement, whether you are trying to shave away years or add definition to your facial profile. While these formulations have proven safe and effective, there is an even more natural way to get the aesthetic improvements you are looking for. At Dermacare Laser & Skin…

acne vulgaris

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Do Adults get Acne Vulgaris?

Acne is a condition commonly associated with adolescence, but the truth is that this skin condition can strike at nearly any time of life. While it most frequently occurs during the teen years, many adults are left wondering why their mature faces are sporting those all too familiar pimples once again. The good news is…

Skin care patient

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How to Get Clear Skin Fast

Acne is a distressing condition at any age, causing both physical and emotional pain for many sufferers. Even worse, it always seems like those breakouts come at the most inopportune times – like just before a big event you have been waiting months for. If you need to clear up your skin quick in anticipation…

Acne Scarring Patients

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Say Goodbye to Acne Scars

As if acne wasn’t bad enough to suffer through, many of us are left with unsightly scars once the condition finally clears. Acne scarring can be nearly as troublesome as the actual breakouts were, affecting your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for acne scarring today that promise to smooth away those…

female botox patient in 20's

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Can I Get Botox in My 20s?

Botox has grown in popularity over the years to become the go-to wrinkle treatment for men and women of all ages. In fact, some patients are coming in for their first (or second, or third) Botox injection as early as their 20s. Do 20-somethings benefit from early Botox treatments? For some concerned about the early…

non-surgical facelift patients in SD

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Designing Your Non-Surgical Facelift

In the past, achieving a more youthful look usually meant surgery, complete with anesthesia, incisions and a lengthy recovery period. Today, we can turn back the clock with minimal disruption to your daily life, thanks to a procedure known as a non-surgical facelift. This procedure is actually a combination of a few of our minimally-invasive…

skincare san diego

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The Secret to More Youthful Skin

Regaining your youthful appearance at any age is easier today than ever before. Injectable treatments make it a snap to smooth away those facial creases and restore volume for a younger facial profile. Now, a relative newcomer to the scene is changing the way we look at injectable procedures. With subtle, gradual and long-lasting results,…

injectables san diego

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Say Goodbye to Tired Eyes

The eyes are often among the first areas to show the signs of aging. Puffiness and dark circles can plague the lower lid area, making you look like you are perpetually tired. Fine lines can also appear around the outer corners of the eyes as well as underneath, which seem to be that much more…

botox san diego

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Choosing A Clinic for Your Injectable Treatments

Injectable treatments have become some of the most popular and most-performed cosmetic procedures today. Their popularity has also increased the number of providers offering the treatments, from dentists to general practitioners. The huge selection of providers can make it difficult for you to know how to choose the right doctor and clinic for your specific…

Consultation with Dr. Birchall

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10 Years of Dermacare: The Story

The Story of Dermacare is really the sum of a lot of people’s stories coming together. It’s the stories of our clients and their life journeys colliding with ours. The stories of people who work and have worked here have been educational and inspiring to us. Even the staff who left on less than ideal…

permanent hair removal san diego

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A Hairy Situation: TheLowdown on Laser Hair Removal

Hair. We spend plenty of time caring for it, styling it and making sure it is just the right color. When it starts to thin, we look for ways to restore it. However, when hair appears on other areas than the head, it becomes an unwanted feature we simply want to get rid of. That…

natural breast augmentation san diego

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Natural Breast Augmentation vs. Silicone Implants

There are more choices in breast augmentation today than ever before. In addition to a variety of silicone implants women can choose from, a newer technique known as natural breast augmentation is also available. This procedure offers a number of benefits over silicone implants, giving many women a less invasive choice with similar, long-lasting results.…

natural breast augmentation carlsbad

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Is Natural Breast Augmentation Right for Me?

In the quest to enhance your curves, you may be presented with a number of options. Breast augmentation is no longer restricted to the placement of synthetic implants into the breast tissue. Today, women also have the option of natural breast augmentation, a procedure that increases the size of the breasts using fat from the…

cooladvantage san diego

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Introducing CoolAdvantage

If you have been a fan of the non-surgical method of body contouring known as CoolSculpting, you will be happy to discover that the process has now been taken to a whole new level with the new CoolAdvantage. This advanced technology cuts CoolSculpting treatment in half! The Art of Freezing Fat CoolSculpting, which was originally…

coolsculpting southern california

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Cool It Off This Season with CoolSculpting

Summer may be coming to a close, but it’s not too late to sculpt your summer body. If you had isolated areas of fat that plagued you throughout bikini season, they are not likely to go away when jeans and sweater season rolls around. Instead of hiding those areas under bulky fall clothing, trim it…

body contouring san diego

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Say Goodbye to Flab with SculpSure

You spent the whole summer sweating it out on those workouts, but some small areas of fat remain. Don’t resign yourself to hiding the fat rolls underneath sweaters and jeans when the weather cools down. Instead, eliminate that fat for good with the revolutionary, non-surgical body contouring procedure SculpSure. With little or no discomfort or…

tattoo removal southern california

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No Tattoo Policy? No Problem!

The military is notorious for restricting body art in enlistees. This is particularly true for the Navy, which until recently, had some of the most restrictive tattoo policies of all. While that branch has recently relaxed some of their rules regarding tats, there are still guidelines that could leave some men and women out of…

crows feet san diego

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Why You Need PicoSure Skin Rejuvenation

If you are looking for a way to achieve full skin rejuvenation with minimal discomfort and no downtime, consider the innovative PicoSure laser procedure. Known for its superior ability to remove tattoos, this device has now been approved to refresh your complexion and treat a host of skin concerns as well. PicoSure is now available…

picosure southern california

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Your Best Choice in Tattoo Removal

Once your wedding day is officially on the calendar, your thoughts may turn to removing body ink that might interfere with your wedding portraits. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we offer one of the most effective methods of tattoo removal today. Our laser treatments successfully remove nearly all colors of tattoo ink, so…

fall activity in san diego

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Enjoying Fall in San Diego

With fall in full swing, you might be looking for ways to celebrate the season in the San Diego area. While fall may look a bit different in California than other areas of the country, there are plenty of activities to help you get into the autumn mood. Check out these suggestions from Dermacare Laser…

volbella escondido

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Plump Up Your Pout for the Holidays!

The holidays are coming fast, but if your kisser isn’t ready for the mistletoe, there is still time to plump up your pout in time for the season. Thanks to a revolutionary new injectable treatment now available at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, you can add volume and fullness to your lips without missing…

skin care facility in san diego

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Choosing the Best Skin Care Clinic in San Diego

When you are on the hunt for a skin care clinic to handle all of your aesthetic needs, it pays to do your research. When you select the most qualified clinic and staff to handle your procedures, you can rest assured the treatments you choose will be both safe and successful. To assist you in…

cosmetic skin gift

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Your Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life? Why not give them the gift that keeps on giving with a product or service from Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics? We offer a wide range of treatments to refresh the complexion, turn back the clock and address those nagging imperfections that…

juvederm escondido

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Juvederm vs. Other Injections

When it comes to injectable cosmetic treatments, you have plenty of choices today. These procedures are fast, relatively painless and can offer dramatic results. However, the multitude of choices can also make it difficult for you to know which injectable formulation will provide you with the best results. For many patients, Juvederm is the injectable…

chemical peels escondido

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Which Chemicals Are In Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are an effective way to provide full skin exfoliation and treat a variety of specific skin concerns. One of the greatest advantages to these treatments is the ability of the provider to tailor the peel formulation to the precise needs of each patient. To help you know which type of peel might work…

body contouring san diego

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Fat Reduction and Body Contouring

If you would like to make 2017 the year you reduce those stubborn areas of fat, perhaps a body contouring treatment is in order. There are many effective ways to trim those fat deposits and create a sleeker body profile without general anesthesia and excessive recovery time. At Dermacare, we offer a variety of body…

laser liposuction carlsbad

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Is Laser Lipo Worth It?

Laser-assisted liposuction is another option in liposuction techniques designed to eliminate unwanted areas of fat from the body. Does this technique deliver on its promises? At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we have seen very positive results for our patients that have undergone laser-assisted lipolysis to help them reach their body contouring goals. We…

wedding treatment plan san diego

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Wedding Treatment Plan

Once your engagement is official, it is time to start preparing for your big day. In addition to booking your venues, ordering flowers and shopping for a dress, it is important to start your beauty routine so you can achieve your cosmetic goals before the wedding date. It is never too soon to schedule your…

san diego chargers tattoo removal

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Tattoo Removal Special for Disgruntled Charger Fans

Are you a diehard Chargers fan that has been left feeling abandoned by your beloved team? While it’s easy to get rid of the jerseys, hats and car flags, saying goodbye to your body ink is a bit more challenging. If you are ready to eliminate your San Diego Chargers tat, Dermacare Laser & Skin…

body contouring before and after

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Get Your Smooth on in 2017

Go smooth in 2017 with body contouring procedures and medical-grade skin products designed for smoother, firmer skin. Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics are committed to helping you look and feel your best from head to toe, which is why we focus just as much on body enhancements as skin care treatments. Check out these…

Collagen Induction Therapy Products

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Turn Back the Clock with Collagen Peptide

Looking for a way to turn back time without surgery or uncomfortable cosmetic treatments? We have the perfect topical solution for you. Our revolutionary collagen peptide is a cream you can apply at home daily. With a potent punch of antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients, this formulation will keep your skin looking and feeling its…

Facelift Patient

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What is a Liquid Facelift?

Looking for a way to regain your youthful appearance without surgery? The team at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics has the perfect solution for you. A liquid facelift is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive method of smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and restoring fullness to the midface and under the eyes. With a variety of…

Vaginal Dryness Patient

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Is the MonaLisa Touch Right for You?

Women can experience numerous changes to their bodies over time, but some are more comfortable to discuss than others. When it comes to vaginal atrophy or other gynecological changes, many women are hesitant to bring up the issues with their physician. However, there are non-surgical treatments today that can restore vaginal tissue to its more…

vaginal rejuvenation san diego

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Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

The aging process can take its toll on the body in many ways, including a few you might not think about. Even your most intimate areas can feel the effects of aging, with changes to the vagina that can affect the appearance as well as your personal comfort. Vaginal rejuvenation has become a popular procedure…

skin tightening patient

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What Makes Pelleve Different from Lasers?

Non-surgical skin tightening has become the way many men and women are turning back the clock on their appearance without anesthesia or scarring. With a variety of options available, it can be difficult to know which procedure will provide you with the best results. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, our staff provides different…

coolsculpting la jolla

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Reach Your Bikini Goals with CoolSculpting

As summer draws near, it’s time to think about getting that bikini out of hiding soon. If the idea of donning the bathing suit is filling you with more than a little anxiety, perhaps a body contouring treatment is the solution. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we have a non- surgical option to…

skin rejuvenation la jolla

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PicoSure Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation comes in many forms. Surgery, injectables and laser treatments are just a few examples of the procedures you can receive to look younger. The key is to find the method that works best for your skin type and cosmetic goals. A consultation at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics can help you find…

acne treatment la jolla

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Here’s What You Can Do About Your Acne Scars

You may think of acne as an adolescent condition, and while pimples tend to occur during youth, they don’t always stop by the time you reach adulthood. If you have pimple-prone skin, there’s a chance you will experience the effects of acne scars later in life. Acne scars easily detract from your appearance. Rather than…

skin rejuvenation patient

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Rejuvenate Your Skin with PRP

Spring is a celebration of fresh starts, and that can go for your skin as well as other areas of your life. What better time to offer your skin the rejuvenation it needs after suffering damage all winter long. Microneedling with PRP is one of the best ways to rev up your complexion and get…

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Dermacare Botox Special

Botox rebates are now available!   We have 30, $50 rebates from Allergan.  If you are a “Brilliant Distinctions Member” this will instantly be applied at the time of purchase. Everyone else will receive their rebate in the mail. Current  Botox price of $11/unit.  Call or email now to take advantage of this offer.    

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Tumescent Local Anesthesia and LifeSculpt

Dr. Louis Habbema recently published an article in the Dermatologic Surgery (2009;35:1728-1735) reviewing 3240 cases using the tumescent anesthetic technique for liposuction. (Tumescent anesthesia is when a dilute solution of lidociane is infused in the treatment area.) This review confirms the safety of this procedure, noting that there were no significant complications (i.e. no deaths…

skin tightening procedure

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Pelleve and Botox: A Good Combination?

When looking for a way to reverse time on your appearance, you have plenty of good options today. At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we offer a variety of choices to firm up loose skin and smooth away telltale signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. With many treatments available, it can be…

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Get Your Moles Off

Cassandra is our Clinic Coordinator for the Dermacare Carlsbad office and today’s guest blogger. The Ellman machine was made for all of us fabulously “moley” individuals and I state with a certainty, that this machine is truly the answer to our prayers. Since it rids us of these often bothersome, cosmetically unpleasing, skin tags/lesions once…

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I Want to Look Happy, Not Angry

The three best tools for creating a happy, approachable expression… As a child I always remember being afraid of my Great Uncle Joe. I don’t remember anything in particular that he did or said that frightened me, he was just one of those gruff, no-nonsense farmers that always seemed to be angry. I was glad…

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The Miracle of the IPL

Our guest blogger is Vicki.  As an RN she has been preforming laser treatments for 8yrs and is an invaluable member of the Dermacare staff. Needless to say, as a baby boomer nurse working in the skin care industry, I find myself very conscious of the appearance of my skin. Growing up in San Diego…

sun spot treatment san diego

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Why Sunscreen Is So Important

It’s no secret that sunscreen is necessary. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that applying generous amounts of sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful lesions and diseases. Everything you know about sunscreen and its value is true, but because the product is so regularly harped upon, it can become easy to lose track…

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“They Carded Me”

One of our clients was all excited about her Titan laser treatment.  She was in her late 40’s and was “carded” at the store while buying some wine. She had a hard time articulating what was better about her face, but there was no question the overall affect was what she wanted.  The Titan is…