Introducing SKINVIVE™ – Hydrating the Skin with SKINVIVE™ AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: November 1, 2023
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Dermal fillers have become very popular in the last couple of years. In fact, they are so popular that researchers believe they will surpass $8.75 billion on the market by 2030. There are various reasons why people get these dermal fillers, from enhancing the volume of their lips to reducing wrinkles and giving their face and body a better contour, patients have been happy with their results.

That being said, not everyone wants to experience the augmentation effect. Some patients just want old-fashioned skin rejuvenation, where their skin looks moisturized and smoother. For this exact reason, JUVÉDERM® introduced SKINVIVE™, the dermal filler that offers you a deep hydrating effect. Let’s find out more!


SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® is a game-changing treatment that combines the effects of skin treatments with those of dermal fillers. While the hyaluronic acid in most dermal fillers can create a plumper look and add more volume to your skin, it has its limitations in terms of skin quality improvement. SKINVIVE™ aims to break those limitations so that you can obtain that glowing effect you’ve been dreaming of.

SKINVIVE™ works by injecting HA microdroplets into your skin, improving its overall quality and hydration. The injectable is made using naturally occurring ingredients, making it a completely safe option for most people. Your body will metabolize the solution over time, but you can still enjoy the benefits for up to six months or more.

Who Should Get SKINVIVE™?

The older you get, the more your skincare routine will need some retouching. You start losing about one percent of collagen every year starting in your 20s, and by the time you reach your 30s, it becomes more noticeable. Since collagen is also responsible for retaining water, your skin will look dry and dull the more collagen you lose.

This is why you can get the SKINVIVE™ treatment in your 20s (and beyond!) when you begin losing collagen. However, the treatment can be used at any age, when you notice your skin looking dull and dehydrated. SKINVIVE™ is ideal for any skin type and its smooth formula will bond to the water molecules, offering instant hydration. 

Benefits of SKINVIVE™

SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® offers multiple benefits, including the following:

  • Improved Skin Texture

SKINVIVE™ has shown a remarkable ability to improve your skin texture. You can use it to address concerns like wrinkles, acne scars, elasticity issues, and more. If you have an uneven skin tone, rough patches, or dilated pores, SKINVIVE™ may also reduce their visibility and help your skin look smoother.

  • Deep and Long-Lasting Hydration

Hydrated skin looks healthy and youthful. The problem is that almost 80 percent of adults do not drink enough water. When there’s not enough water in your system, then you naturally look dehydrated. SKINVIVE™ can stick to the remaining water molecules in your skin, bringing them to the surface, helping your skin look hydrated and healthy for at least six months.

  • Versatility

One great benefit of SKINVIVE™ is that it’s not only used on the face. You can use it on your neck, décolleté, hands, or anywhere else on your body. Thanks to this flexibility, you can address multiple concerns at the same time.

  • Outstanding Results

SKINVIVE™ offers outstanding results because it improves your skin quality without altering your natural beauty. Not everyone wants bigger lips or sharper-looking cheeks – some just want to reduce their wrinkles and make their skin look smoother. SKINVIVE™ patients reported great satisfaction after using this product, enjoying glowing skin for a long time.

A Fresh Look With SKINVIVE™

SKINVIVE™ can be a great solution to turn that tired-looking skin into a more youthful, vibrant appearance. The injectable allows you to retain your natural beauty without necessarily adding more volume to your face. Contact Dermacare to set up an appointment for your new SKINVIVE™ treatments!


For more information about SKINVIVE™, you can contact Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics at 858-230-8040 (San Diego) or 760-206-8926 (Carlsbad). We can provide you with all of the information that you need. Alternatively, you can also use our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.