10 Reasons Why truSculpt Flex Could Be Perfect for You AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: June 9, 2021
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For a long time, surgery was the only way to get results if you wanted muscle and skin tone improvement. But that isn’t the case anymore. Now, you can choose a less invasive treatment like truSculpt flex. This revolutionary muscle-sculpting procedure can provide you with noticeable improvements without the pain, downtime and investment of surgery.

People choose truSculpt flex for various reasons, but if you need help deciding whether it’s right for you, we’ve compiled a list of reasons we consider to be most important.

1. It Is Highly Personalized

Everyone’s body functions differently, and everyone has different concerns that need to be treated. It can be a struggle to find a solution that works as well for you as it did for someone else. Most doctors agree that there are very few procedures that fit everyone perfectly.

Luckily, truSculpt flex can be customized to fit your exact needs. The treatment is adjusted to your body type and fitness level so you can build muscle exactly where you need it. Whether your trouble spot is weak glutes, scrawny thighs or lackluster abs, truSculpt flex can likely help you. 

2. It Has Short Sessions

Time commitment is one of the things that can turn people away from cosmetic procedures. Modern life is demanding, and not everyone can spare hours for a procedure. If this sounds familiar, then you are in luck: truSculpt flex treatments can be completed in 45 minutes. And we’re betting that you will be pleasantly surprised by how much can be achieved in that short time window.

3. It Is Cleared by the FDA

Nowadays, there are so many “treatments” that claim to provide impressive results. They are often advertised as “holistic” or “natural” remedies — sometimes even “scientifically proven.” Holistic treatments do exist, and so do some natural remedies, but the reality is that they are usually more of a gimmick than an effective treatment.

FDA clearance is one of the only sure ways to know if a device has been extensively tested to ensure it is safe and provides the results it promises.

4. It Is More Affordable

There are very few treatments that address the problems truSculpt flex tackles. Historically, most body contouring procedures have been surgical, like body lifts, tummy tucks or liposuction. One thing these procedures have in common is how expensive they are compared to truSculpt flex. A tummy tuck can cost around $6,000 in some cases. If you are looking to address more than one area, the price goes up even further.

At Dermacare, you can get truSculpt flex in San Diego or Carlsbad for as low as $2,900, and you can rest soundly knowing you won’t be blowing your entire budget on one procedure.

5. It Covers Multiple Regions

Some people might have one or two areas they are looking to improve. Others may have three or four — or even more. Luckily, truSculpt flex can target multiple small and large muscle groups, and it can cover the largest treatment area of any nonsurgical body sculpting device. With multiple handpieces, truSculpt flex can treat your entire abdomen and thighs in a single session.

6. It Requires No Downtime

TruSculpt flex is not surgery. That means you won’t have to endure a months-long recovery, take time off work or deal with any scarring or pain. TruSculpt Flex avoids many of the drawbacks of cosmetic surgery, while top-notch results remain.

You can get right back to your everyday routine as soon as you leave our office. You won’t have to stop working out, playing sports or any other activities that bring you joy. You won’t miss any work deadlines or big events — or even an episode of your favorite TV show — if you choose to give truSculpt flex a shot.

7. It Addresses Stubborn Areas

Even if you stick to an exercise and diet plan, you may not be able to improve certain parts of your body. It likely isn’t your fault if you’re already leading a healthy, active lifestyle. You may be genetically prone to carrying fat in certain spots or struggling to build specific muscles. It can be incredibly frustrating to see areas that refuse to cooperate with your goals when you know you’re working hard

But truSculpt flex doesn’t ask for cooperation — it compels your muscles and tissue to behave a certain way through pulses of energy. This makes it a great choice for people looking to reveal muscle tone they have already achieved or build muscle that hasn’t reached its full potential.

8. It Works for Most Body Types

Some treatments, even nonsurgical ones, only work on particular body or skin types. While there is some difference in how different bodies respond to truSculpt flex, it is suitable for most skin or body types.

The best way to find out how truSculpt flex can help you with your exact condition is to schedule a consultation with our office in San Diego or Carlsbad. One of our trained medical professionals will do a full examination and help you create a unique treatment plan.

9. It Corrects Drooping Skin

Before truSculpt flex, you could do little outside of surgery for excess, sagging skin. Most people were forced to turn to tummy tucks or thigh lifts if they wanted a change. Now, truSculpt flex can often tighten skin without the need for surgery.

Starting with conservative treatment is often the best approach to anything medical or cosmetic. If you don’t feel ready for surgery, truSculpt flex may help you achieve your goals without any anesthesia or incisions. Keep in mind that there are some limitations — if you’re struggling with severely sagging skin, truSculpt flex might not be the best option.

10. It Is Nonsurgical

We want to come back to this one more time. Although surgery is the right choice for many people, it comes with risks and huge investments of time and money. Some people are not interested in taking on the commitments of a surgical procedure. Others are not candidates for surgery. While there are some risks involved with nonsurgical treatments, they are much milder than the risks associated with surgery. You can sculpt the body you’ve dreamed of and maintain your regular routines by choosing truSculpt flex over other procedures.

Tone Your Body with TruSculpt in San Diego and Carlsbad

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you create your ideal figure with truSculpt treatment, give our San Diego office a call at 858-943-2443 or our Carlsbad office at 760-472-5088. You can also fill out our online contact form. During this process, you need a reliable partner and resource, and we know we can fill that role for you.