Cellulaze in San Diego

Cellulite isn’t a fat problem, it’s a structural problem that takes place below the skin.

Procedure Summary:


Indication: Cellulite removal

Down time: Two weeks

Typical package: Single treatment

Eliminate Stubborn Cellulite and Show off Your Legs Again with Cellulaze

Cellulite isn’t a problem that’s just caused by fat; it’s a structural problem that takes place below the skin. Too many treatments focus on targeting cellulite from above the epidermis and not directly at its source—from the inside. Creams and tanning beds don’t work on cellulite, and that is why people misstep with home care. Drug store creams are not strong enough to penetrate the skin and offer any effective change within the texture or appearance of cellulite-ridden tissue.

Also, we know that sunlight and artificial UVA and UVB light treatments can increase disproportionate cellulite in the skin. Protecting your skin from further sun damage, improving the health of your cells, and strengthening the tissues, comes down to rebuilding the supporting structures to remedy asymmetrical fat. At Dermacare in Rancho Bernardo, Dr. Birchall offers the Cellulaze treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite that lasts for years.

How Cellulaze Works

Cellulaze attacks the problem of cellulite head on, severing the structural bands and disrupting fat cells that cause the dimpling you see on the surface. Over time, pockets of fat become separated by these fibrous bands that compartmentalize fat cells; unevenly distributed fat pockets remain which causes this bumpy look to appear on the skin. With just one treatment using the Cellulaze laser, you can reveal smoother, healthier looking skin.

We use a light, local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable during this minimally invasive Cellulaze laser treatment. A cannula, that is quite small, is inserted under the skin to deliver laser energy directly underneath the tissue. This laser treatment increases the depth and quality of your skin, while simultaneously releasing the fibrous bands that pull it down, minimizing the “orange peel” look. You will notice stronger skin that resists textural changed caused by sun damage and aging. Finally, the laser diminishes the lumpy pockets of fat that protrude through the fibrous bands under the skin.

Benefits of Cellulaze:

  • Stronger skin
  • Improves elasticity and collagen synthesis
  • Breaks up fatty tissues and banding
  • Reveals smooth texture
  • One treatment
  • Lasts three years after treatment

Lasting Results and Minimal Recovery

At Dermacare, we see amazing results with only one treatment. One- time treatments are always a plus for our patients since it minimizes office visits and makes the stress of treating cellulite convenient. These results usually become most apparent at three to six months after Cellulaze and are known to last more than three years. Cellulaze is the longest lasting and most effective cellulite treatment in the industry and one we’re proud to share with you.

While you’ll feel comfortable throughout the Cellulaze treatment, some soreness may come through the following day. Dr. Birchall recommends a day or two of recovery before resuming activities such as exercise. It’s also best to practice sun protection when you’re out and about. Now you can get rid of those long pants during warmer months and show off your legs!

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