How Does MonaLisa Touch Work? AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: July 31, 2018
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Vaginal Rejuvenation Patient

The Intimate Solution Women Have Been Waiting For

At Dermacare of Rancho Bernardo, we are proud to offer MonaLisa Touch to our patients, a transformative procedure that can help you feel rejuvenated from the inside out. MonaLisa Touch is a safe, effective, gentle and lasting solution to vaginal atrophy and its symptoms, which cause many women discomfort, embarrassment and pain during intimacy, as well as other issues like urinary incontinence. Vaginal atrophy will affect most women in their lives. The condition generally results from events common in women’s lives — such as childbirth and menopause — as well as from aging, but it can also occur as a result of physical trauma or illnesses, such as cancer. Whatever the cause of your vaginal atrophy symptoms, you are not alone, and Dermacare is ready to help you with effective treatment solutions, such as MonaLisa Touch.

What is Vaginal Atrophy?

Vaginal atrophy has many uncomfortable symptoms, including noticeable thinning and/or weakening of the vaginal walls, itching, burning, dryness, incontinence, pain during intimacy and general discomfort. If you, like many women, are experiencing vaginal atrophy or any of its symptoms, we know that it can trouble you physically and emotionally. Dermacare offers MonaLisa Touch to treat all of your physical symptoms and restore your peace of mind.

Symptoms of vaginal atrophy like vaginal laxity, dryness, pain, and discomfort significantly affect your comfort in your own body but also come at a significant emotional cost. Women experiencing symptoms often have lower self-esteem and difficulty having intimacy which can be painful and embarrassing, often leading to fewer intimate encounters and substantially diminished sexual satisfaction.

Dermacare understands the sensitive and private nature of these issues, and we realize that it can feel embarrassing and difficult to talk about them. But when it comes to your sexual and reproductive health and desires, there is absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed. You deserve to have a happy and healthy relationship with yourself and your partner throughout our life.

These harmful side effects of vaginal atrophy do not have to be a regular part of your life or relationships. You deserve to feel wonderful in your own skin and confident and relaxed in your intimate relationships. You don’t have to let vaginal atrophy take control of your self-esteem or the quality of your life. Dermacare and MonaLisa Touch can help.

The Importance of Collagen

For women, the process of aging inevitably brings menopause, which frequently brings with it the onset of vaginal discomfort and even pain during intercourse. These uncomfortable aspects of menopause are caused in part by the natural depletion of collagen and estrogen in the vaginal tissue or mucosa. Collagen and estrogen are produced naturally by our bodies and are vital to women’s health and sexual function.

Collagen gives our skin the elasticity, tone, tightness, hydration and underlying support that makes it look and feel healthy and vibrant. In the vagina, collagen also supports the healthy function of tissues which make intimacy comfortable and rewarding, and as a result, contributes to a woman’s wellbeing. As we age though, our levels of collagen naturally decrease. In turn, lower levels of collagen result in lowered rates of cell turnover and less elasticity, moisture, and comfort during intimacy.

How Does MonaLisa Touch Work?

MonaLisa Touch is a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment which uses CO2 fractional technology to revitalize the internal structure and function of the vaginal walls and tissues. MonaLisa Touch uses a handheld fractional laser probe to deliver targeted laser pulses to the vaginal tissue. Your treatment will involve a laser probe that is gently inserted into the vagina. This is usually painless but local anesthesia is recommended to ensure your total comfort throughout the procedure.

Next, the targeted laser pulses are delivered throughout the vaginal canal. These laser pulses create microscopic lesions along the surface of the vaginal tissue. The formation of these lesions induces your body’s own natural healing process which boosts collagen production in the vagina. This process is known as neocollagenesis. With improved collagen production come many benefits, including improved elasticity, tone, hydration, and tightness, to name a just few.

What makes MonaLisa touch an even more desirable treatment is the fact that the procedure is virtually painless and your entire appointment will generally only last about 15 to 30 minutes. Of that treatment time, you will only need about five minutes of direct treatment with the laser to get the full benefits. At Dermacare, you can have a treatment that is comfortable, quick, and performed by providers with significant expertise and experience with MonaLisa Touch.

With a MonaLisa Touch treatment, you will see the symptoms of vaginal atrophy gradually diminish over time and with each successive treatment. MonaLisa Touch treatments will significantly improve and relieve pain, skin and tissue laxity, dryness, burning and incontinence, among other vaginal atrophy symptoms. Not only will you experience improvement in your physical symptoms but also you will regain comfort in your body and confidence in your intimate relationships.

MonaLisa Touch at Dermacare

Dermacare’s mission is to offer you high-quality, personalized care and proven and effective solutions for all of your skin and body concerns, including those of a sensitive or intimate nature. MonaLisa Touch helps us fulfill these goals, by giving our patients long-lasting relief to an often ignored or untreated problem that affects most women’s lives, vaginal atrophy. MonaLisa Touch has become an indispensable part of our practice and we believe one that many women can benefit from.

In addition to improving the symptoms of vaginal atrophy non-invasively, MonaLisa touch also gives women who cannot undergo other types of invasive procedures or hormone treatments a much-needed alternative. Most often, these are women who have survived cancer but have struggled with vaginal laxity as a result of their treatments. Dermacare is proud to offer MonaLisa Touch and pleased to share its many benefits with our female patients.

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Physical and emotional discomfort does not have to be a normal part of a woman’s aging process. You also do not have to suffer in silence or settle for a lower quality of life due to the discomfort and inconvenience of vaginal laxity. You deserve to feel confident and your very best throughout your life, and Dermacare offers a treatment to help you achieve these goals, MonaLisa Touch.

At Dermacare of Rancho Bernardo, we don’t make beauty; we reveal it, and we can also help you restore your health and boost your confidence and wellbeing. Contact us in San Diego at 858-943-2443 or in Carlsbad at 760-472-5088 to learn more about our services and a MonaLisa Touch treatment.