Dermacare’s LifeSculpt Results! AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: October 2, 2010
Category: Blog, Body Contouring, Body Shaping, LifeSculpt (Liposuction)


A current client was kind enough to share with us her LifeSculpt experience.  LifeSculpt is the laser assisted liposuction technique that takes advantage of the Palomar Technologies “SlimLipo” laser.


I wanted to comment on the recent SlimLipo (LifeSculpt Procedure) I had there and also thank you ALL so much for patiently helping me get a “better body” I guess you could call it.  You are all so kind, patient, and caring and that means the world when going through personal procedures as I have.  But back to the lipo, some years back, I had SmartLipo done at a different place, and on three areas…arms, thighs, and my under chin, and the results were just okay.  I noticed about a 30% difference in the amount of fat change in those areas which was better than nothing but still frustrating.  After the SlimLipo that you just did for me, I immediately noticed about a 75% change in the fat that jiggled, and the swelling is still subsiding! I was a size 6 jeans, and am now losely in a size 4!!! This is so cool because all these clothes in my closet that used to fit (pre-babies) fit again as well as some blouses that were too tight before on my upper arms.  My muscles there look defined and the rooster waddle underneath is about gone!!  I also had a much longer recovery time with the SmartLipo, whereas after this SlimLipo you did for me, the pain and swelling wasn’t too much and it was done in just a few days.  Thank you so much for making all this possible!! You guys are the best!!!

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