About Dermacare


Dr. Birchall had a successful Family Practice with PennElm Medical Group (now part of Scripps Clinic Medical Group) for 16 years. Despite his success he was ready for a new challenge and saw an opportunity in medical skincare. Preparation and training were completed and on July 31, 2006, Dermacare of Rancho Bernardo became a reality.

With a foundation in family practice, which values long-term patient relationship with a broad expertise in clinical medicine, Dr. Birchall has honed his cosmetic skills and rapidly became one of the top providers of Botox and Juvederm, attaining Black Diamond status. Added to this is a stable staff of estheticians, that provide relaxing yet effective skincare procedures, and with continuous training are experts in Dermacare’s and other skin care products. The registered nurses who assist in the application of the laser technologies have all been certified in the use of our Dermacare lasers and have years of experience. Because of this ongoing commitment to excellence, Dermacare is the first clinic in San Diego to reach Black Diamond Status with Fraxel.

In June of 2008 Dermacare of Carlsbad opened allowing us to better serve all of north San Diego County. While other businesses were shrinking, the Carlsbad clinic was able to establish itself and grow in the face of tough economic conditions. Dr. Birchall attributes this success to a time tested recipe for success, excellent staff providing quality products/services with outstanding customer service.


At Dermacare we are committed to several things which all translate into a great experience for you. Each member of our staff is committed to these values. We want your experiences to go beyond your expectations. So, what are we committed to?

“C”- Caring about our clients: Before you were a client you were a person worthy of basic courtesy, kindness and respect. Each day and each service is an opportunity to care about you as a person. That not only makes your experience better but our day more rewarding.

“O”- Outstanding Skin Care and Customer Service: This is the core of our business; we want to provide products and services that are effective. We want to deliver them in way that makes you want to come back. To do this we need to be knowledgeable about those products and services and continually learn so that we bring you the most current available options. We also need the skills to apply this knowledge in an effective and safe manner.

“M”- Maintaining a friendly and supportive work environment: Our goal is to create an environment where you as a client want to be. We do this by first treating each other with kindness, caring and respect.

“M”- Maturing: This is simple; we want to be growing as people and as providers of clinical and aesthetic services.

“I”- Integrity: Honesty is foundational to all healthy relationship. We see our interactions with you as a long-term relationship and without honesty and integrity this cannot happen. We want your honesty as well. If something is not right let us know so we can learn to be better and also to correct whatever the issue is.

“T”- Team Atmosphere: We cannot provide the experience you want as individuals. Our receptionist, estheticians, nurses and doctor all have their individual areas of expertise and strength. When we work together as a team, however, your experience and esthetic results are maximized.

After looking around our website we invite you to schedule your complimentary consultation and experience for yourself what Dermacare can do for your skin. We will also, be happy to share our entire portfolio at your consultation. Out of respect for our clients we have elected to limit what is posted on the web.