Say Goodbye to Flab with SculpSure AT DERMACARE MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Published: September 13, 2016
Category: Blog, Body Contouring, Weight Loss
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You spent the whole summer sweating it out on those workouts, but some small areas of fat remain. Don’t resign yourself to hiding the fat rolls underneath sweaters and jeans when the weather cools down. Instead, eliminate that fat for good with the revolutionary, non-surgical body contouring procedure SculpSure. With little or no discomfort or recovery involved, now is the perfect time to schedule your treatment without missing a beat this season.

The Power of Heat

SculpSure uses laser energy to heat the fat cells to a temperature that destroys them. The heat does not damage any of the surrounding tissue or skin, making this procedure both non-invasive and effective. Treated fat cells are gradually eliminated by the body’s natural processes, so your results develop naturally in the weeks and months following your procedure.

Precision for the Problem Spots

SculpSure can treat a number of different areas of the body where isolated areas of fat tend to develop. Treatment areas might include:

  • Midsection and love handles
  • Hips and flanks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Upper and lower back

Our knowledgeable consultants will meet with you prior to your SculpSure treatment to explain the process and what you can expect from the results. We will also help you determine whether SculpSure is the best choice for your specific needs and aesthetic goals.

Fast and Painless

A SculpSure treatment takes just 25 minutes to complete and multiple applicator heads allow us to treat more than one area at a time. There is no need to apply topical numbing cream or local anesthesia ahead of time, which keeps the procedure time down as well. Patients typically experience a tingling sensation as the laser energy is delivered, but do not describe the procedure as particularly painful.

No Time Off Needed

After your SculpSure treatment, you will be able to return to your daily activities right away. There is minimal discomfort after the procedure and no side effects to indicate you just had a cosmetic procedure performed. In fact, results develop gradually, so your friends may think you’ve been putting in extra hours at the gym rather than undergoing a body contouring procedure.

Start Now and Slim Down by the Holidays!

It takes time for the body to eliminate the fat cells treated during a SculpSure treatment, so you won’t see your full results right away. Most of our patients begin to see significant results within about six weeks, with full results appearing in around 12 weeks. A single treatment session will eliminate about 25 percent of the fat in a treatment area. If you want more removed, you may need to schedule subsequent sessions to achieve your full results. If you schedule your first SculpSure procedure now, you will likely be looking slimmer by the time the holidays roll around, so you can look great in all your holiday photos this year.

SculpSure is an effective non-surgical way to create a smoother, leaner body contour. The procedure is still relatively new, so not many physicians are offering it at this time. Dr. Birchall is one of the few doctors in the Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad areas to provide this service to his patients. To learn more about SculpSure, contact Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics at 760-472-5088 or 858-943-2443.