LifeSculpt vs. CoolSculpt: Which is Right for Me? AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Body contouring comes in a wide variety of packages today. While this allows plastic surgeons to customize treatment to the unique needs of the patient, it can also pose more choices than the average patient is prepared to make. For example, LifeSculpt and CoolSculpt are two popular procedures available at Dermacare Laser and Skin Care Clinics. How do you know which procedure will offer you the best results?


Also referred to as SlimLipo or laser-assisted lipolysis, this procedure combines laser energy with traditional liposuction techniques to gently remove excess fat and create a smoother body contour. LifeSculpt utilizes laser technology to liquefy fat for easier removal, while reducing bruising and bleeding. The laser also effectively tightens skin in the area for enhanced results.

LifeSculpt is performed under local anesthesia and most patients are back to regular activities the day after the procedure. Results can be seen right away and continue to improve in the weeks following treatment. Only one treatment session is needed and the results are long-lasting – even permanent when a healthy body weight is maintained after the procedure.


CoolSculpting relies on targeted cooling that destroys fat cells so they can be naturally eliminated by the body. The procedure does not involve skin penetration through needles or incisions, and is virtually painless. Patients may even read, nap or check emails during the procedure.

CoolSculpting takes approximately one hour per section treated and does not require any type of anesthesia. Patients may return to regular activities immediately following the procedure. A series of treatment sessions is usually recommended to achieve desired results.

Making a Choice

Both LifeSculpt and CoolSculpt are effective body contouring procedures. CoolSculpting offers results over time, while LifeSculpt is a one-time procedure with nearly immediate results. LifeSculpt can also be tailored to smaller areas like the chin and neck, while CoolSculpt is primarily used for areas like the midsection, hips, flanks and back.

The right procedure for you will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the treatment area, the amount of fat to be removed and your personal preference. Patients with acute fear of needles may prefer CoolSculpt, while patients that want results quicker may opt for LifeSculpt. Dr. Birchall is experienced in both procedures and will work with you to help you find the best procedure for your specific needs and desired outcome.

To learn more about your options in body contouring, contact Dermacare Laser and Skin Care Clinic at our Carlsbad office at 760-472-5088 or Rancho Bernardo at 858-943-2443.