Introducing Artemis Skinalysis™ Technology to Dermacare AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: January 10, 2024
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Nowadays, finding the perfect skincare treatment seems to be more difficult than ever. About one in nine women go through at least 10 skincare products, failing to find one that actually works. While part of this may be caused by the quality of the product, this difficulty can also be a direct result of incorrect gauging of the skin condition. 

Each skin type has different needs, depending on what it’s lacking. To offer the skin the appropriate treatment, women and men need customized treatment. This is why Dermacare Medical Aesthetics is proud to introduce Artemis Skinalysis™. This technology can offer all the necessary information on your skin in just one session, which allows patients to obtain perfect skin results with the appropriate custom treatment!

What Is Artemis Skinalysis™?

Artemis Skinalysis™ uses sensors, analysis wands, and micro-cameras to offer patients a complete evaluation of their skin, hair, and body. It combines documentation and visual analysis with skin measurements to identify the main concern of one’s skin. This information can help seamlessly generate and prepare a skincare plan for clients to improve their condition.

The technology behind Artemis Skinalysis™ is fairly straightforward. During the consultation, data-driven analysis and HD imaging can show the patient how the skin looks underneath the naked eye. This allows our providers to make the appropriate skincare recommendations that the patient is comfortable with. A personal report with the results is then sent to the client, which can be accessed on a tablet, smartphone, email, or other medium. 

What Artemis Skinalysis™ Looks Through

There are several aspects that Artemis Skinalysis™ examines to determine customized treatments for the skin. These include the following: 

1. Skin Hydration

Around 34 percent of men and women have dry skin, causing them to experience a lot of side effects like acne, irritation, premature wrinkles, and other aesthetic concerns. The problem is that most people don’t realize their skin is dry until it’s already too late, and their skin barrier is destroyed. Artemis Skinalysis™ uses a special hydration wand to gauge the exact amount of water present in the skin, thereby assessing hydration levels.

2. Temperature

The skin’s temperature can suggest various skin concerns that are otherwise missed. For instance, lower temperature readings may imply that the area is not getting enough blood flow. This is a sign of hypoxia, which may be suggestive of cellulite. The Artemis Skinalysis™ temperature wand can measure the exact temperature of a skin area to give the correct diagnosis.

3. pH Levels

The pH levels of the skin are directly related to the skin barrier, an imbalance suggesting a problem in its vitality and health. The Artemis Skinalysis™ pH wand can evaluate this using a potentiometer, which offers detailed information on the skin’s health.

4. Skin Elasticity 

Skin lacking elasticity may look tired or dull, which is why the Artemis Skinalysis™ wand tests for this, as well. Suction forces are used to see the skin elasticity, determining whether there are any laxity issues.

5. Sebum Production

Excess sebum can lead to conditions like acne, blackheads, and more, which is why Artemis Skinalysis™ tests sebum production levels. A specialized film is used to absorb the oils present in the target area, offering a close-up analysis. The camera feature will then blow up the images on the film, which are analyzed digitally for more data.

The Bottom Line

The Artemis Skinalysis™ is one of the best options to check one’s skin condition and determine a better skincare regimen. It offers all the necessary data for patients to take better care of their skin. 

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