Are Your Legs Ready for a Sun-sational Summer? AT DERMACARE MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Published: April 6, 2016
Category: Blog, Laser Treatments
leg treatment patient

With the winter months behind us, now is the perfect time to get ready for summer. It typically takes a couple of months to experience optimal results from any new skincare regimen or treatments, so be sure to get on the ball! Before we know it, shorts and bathing suit weather will sneak up on us. So, what can you do now to ensure your legs will look their best this summer?

The first step is to maintain a regular exercise routine paired with daily healthy eating. This will help reduce unwanted fat and tone the muscles. There are plenty of fitness activities you can do outdoors in San Diego like walking, biking, running, or hiking. It can be fun to have a friend join you, so you can both serve as accountability partners to each other. For any stubborn pockets of fat that seem resistant to diet and exercise, our noninvasive body shaping procedures such as CoolSculpting®, SculpSure™, and laser lipo (LifeSculpt with SmartLipo™) can help.

However, no matter how much exercising or body shaping you do, you may still struggle with cellulite. Exercise and topical creams are ineffective at reducing cellulite because cellulite is not a fat problem, it’s a structural problem that occurs beneath the skin. It can affect many women, regardless of age or body size. Cellulaze™ is the only FDA approved treatment effective at minimizing the appearance of cellulite, so you can feel confident in anything you wear this summer.

The next thing to help your legs look amazing this summer are two of our laser treatments: Laser Hair Removal (LHR) and Laser Vein Removal (LVR).

Let’s face it, shaving your legs is time consuming and razor stubble can be annoying and embarrassing. Eliminate this completely with LHR! For most people, 5 to 7 treatments will leave your legs feeling smooth and beach-ready.

LVR will get rid of unsightly veins that can cause you to cover up those beautiful legs you’ve worked so hard to tone up in the gym. The process typically takes 3 to 5 treatments for desired results.

And finally, don’t forget your sunscreen! It’s just as important to apply sunscreen on the legs as it is on your face or any other body part. We have a variety of different medical-grade, broad spectrum sunscreens from powder to lotions and for oily to normal skin types. Next time you are in the office, be sure to ask us which sunscreen would be best for you. Don’t leave the office without it.

We are looking forward to a sun-sational summer! Let us help you get ready for it.