“We Have a Laser for That!” AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: January 30, 2011
Category: Blog, Laser Treatments

When I tell people what my husband does…I’m not going to lie…I get the comment, “How did you get so lucky?”  Well, I am lucky, not only is my husband a really nice guy, he’s really good at his job! The other reason that I’m lucky is that I get asked if my daughters and I are sisters!  I love that! We’re all lucky because there are so many options out there to help us keep ourselves looking on the outside as young as we still feel on the inside.

I was sitting here thinking about what procedures I should tell you about and having a difficult time deciding.  I guess I’ll just tell you about my favorite ones…mmmm…still too many…I guess I’ll just pick two now and I can tell you about more later!  My first question to people is always, “what bothers you the most?”  For me, it was how pink my skin always was.  No matter what I did to it, it was always really pink. Not just a healthy pink, but an annoying pink!

Well, lucky me because “we have a laser for that!”  (Apparently this is my tag line.)  Well, the way to get rid of pink is the Genesis Laser.  This is a very simple procedure that takes only about 20 minutes and you can go right back to work or have lunch or whatever.  This laser never touches your skin, but sends down a warm tingling feeling. It’s kind of like a warm, gentle drizzle on your face.  The results are awesome.  Not only does this get rid of the pink, but it helps to rejuvenate the collagen and decreases fine lines, wrinkles and it helps decrease your pore size. The Genesis is also a great maintenance treatment to do every few months.  The other thing I like about this laser is that you can do a genesis on your face, neck, chest and I’ve even done it on the back of my arms for a little tightening effect!  I like to think of the Genesis as an unsung hero!

Dr. Birchall’s Wife (a.k.a. Sarah)