Published: November 18, 2014
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Dermacare is pleased to announce the addition of the CoolSculpt procedure to their repertoire of body shaping services. CoolSculpt will add a non-surgical, no downtime treatment option to Dermacare’s weight loss counseling (TSFL), and laser assisted liposuction (LifeSculpt). This complement of options will allow Dermacare to customize a plan to meet most everyone’s goals from complete lifestyle change to minimizing that last area of stubborn fat.
CoolSculpt is an amazing technology that freezes fat. An applicator is applied to the treated area and the underlying skin and fat is pulled up between two cold plates. The temperature is held at a point that the fat cells are damaged but the skin is preserved. Over the next

8-12 weeks those fat cells are slowly absorbed and metabolized reducing the fat by 20%. In addition to being affective, this is a straight forward procedure. There is no anesthesia needed, as there is virtually no discomfort, and a person can go right back to life or work from the procedure.

Dr. Jeff Birchall, Dermacare’s Medical Director and Founder, said there were 3 things that influenced his decision to bring the CoolSculpt into his practice. First the science, some of the field’s greatest minds out of Harvard University developed the technology. Their research shows that CoolSculpting works and they know how it works. Second, other practices, in the real world are having great success with CoolSculpt. Their clients are happy. Thirdly, this not only for women, 30% of CoolSculpt clients are men, up from the usually 10% for other cosmetic services. Men hate their “inner tube” waist too. The fact that this is non-invasive and that they can get right back to work with no downtime and nobody else knowing about it appeals to the male psyche.

Almost anybody is a candidate for CoolSculpt provided they are in reasonable health. There are a couple of things to be aware of if you are considering this procedure. It is not a weight loss procedure. The ideal person is at a healthy weight and just needs to reduce a stubborn fat deposits. If significant weight loss is needed, other treatments should be considered first. On the other end of the spectrum, if a client is really thin and only has loose skin then this is not a good procedure. Everyone else between those extremes can benefit from CoolSculpting.

Though almost everyone is a candidate, each person is unique! That is why, Susie Jensen, Dermacare Carlsbad’s Patient Care Coordinator, strongly recommends a consultation and development of customized treatment plan. The price of the procedure varies depending on each person’s goals and needs and this can only be determined with a consultation. In choosing a procedure you not only need to pick the right technology you need to pick the right provider. Dermacare is confident in their technologies, Medifast, CoolSculpt and LifeSculpt (laser-assisted liposuction).