Published: December 11, 2010
Category: Blog, Juvederm, Lip Fillers

Is there any thing worse than too much Juvederm in the lips?  Of all the areas we can use Juvederm and other fillers, none causes as much concern as the lips.  We have all seen too many “Real Housewives” and Hollywood types who have bad lip jobs.  Recently, I have had a parade of these bad lip injections done by other providers come through our office.  I want to scream.  “They don’t have to look that way!!”  The problem is that people put too much material in the lips.  In all these cases, at least 2 full syringes were used.  When done well you can’t tell there was Juvederm put in lips, it just look better.

So, what does it take to be done well?  First, the provider has to have the right perspective.  Especially in mature lips (40+) the goal is to restore the lips to their previous volume.  As we age, our lips loose volume and shrivel; hence the goal is to restore that volume.  Second, the client needs to have the right perspective.  One of the main goals in lip injections is to eliminate the vertical lip lines or smoker’s lines.  Unfortunately, what can happen is that when you put enough product in to eliminate those lines you distort the look.  We should expect to reduce the lines, not eliminate them completely. To help with this, make your decisions 5-7 feet from the mirror not 12 inches from the mirror.  Finally, don’t use too much product!  As general rule, 1 syringe works well for the lips. Occasionally, we use more but that is for select clients with the right face, lips and personality to make it work.  Remember, when you see someone who had their lips done you are seeing a bad lip injection,  “They don’t have to look that way!”