2011 Dermacare Reflections AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: January 18, 2012
Category: Blog, Random Musings

Transitions are a good time for reflection on the past,
celebrations of accomplishments coupled with lessons to be learned. Transitions are also a time for looking
ahead, dreaming dreams and taking stock of the work that needs to be done to
accomplish those dreams. A new year is
one of the transition times. So here
We at Dermacare have a lot celebrate. Economic turmoil has not been kind to many of
us, however, we feel fortunate to have seen significant growth in our business
last year. Our esthetician staff has
given nearly 500 chemicals peels and completed over 1800
microdermabrasions. Our nurses have
performed over 5000 laser hair treatments, 1500 skin rejuvenation laser
treatments and 500 Fraxel laser treatments.
We injected over 55,000 units of Botox and over a 1000 syringes of
Juvederm and Radiesse, and as many of you know we became “Black Diamond”
providers for Allergan, which puts us in the top 1% in the country. This growth has put an increased demand on
our time and resources. We have strived
to continue to give the same personalized and careful treatments to everyone
and have appreciated your patience has we have gone through some growing pains.
We have also had changes in some of our staff this
year. We celebrate with Megan, as she
left us to become a new mother to her healthy baby son, Dylan, and miss Kelly
as she moved to Texas to be with her new husband. Coupled with losing some key staff, we
welcome new members to our family.
Lanie, Sara (who you will meet later in the newsletter) and Jenna are
our new estheticians and Susan has joined our experienced team of nurses.
As part of our commitment to providing the best technologies
for medical skin and beauty needs, we are expanding our body sculpting services
to include BodyJet, water-assisted liposuction and NaturalFill fat
transfer. The key advantage of the
BodyJet liposuction is that it preserves the health of the harvested fat cells
and associated stem cells. NaturalFill
is the process of taking those cells and re-injecting them back into selected
spots in the body. We can do this for
face and hand rejuvenation, as well as breast and butt augmentation. NaturalFill is done while awake, without
general anesthetic and with minimal down time.
I personally want to thank my excellent staff for all their
contributions over the last year and I speak for everyone at Dermacare in
thanking you, our clients, for the trust and confidence that you put in us each
time you visit. We are all looking
forward to serving you this year.