RADIESSE® With Dermacare – What You Need to Know AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: March 6, 2024
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As the world of aesthetics evolves continuously, dermal fillers are becoming a new normal on the path toward attaining youth. While hyaluronic acid fillers remain popular, hundreds of thousands of men and women are discovering the benefits of calcium hydroxylapatite. 

Found in RADIESSE®, this substance can help its patients obtain a youthful appearance for a longer term, sculpting their features and adding volume where they are lacking. This article will provide all the information on RADIESSE® with Dermacare so potential patients can make the right decision.


RADIESSE® is a procedure that uses advanced technology with calcium-based microspheres to add more volume to the skin. The injectable aims to deliver soft, natural-looking results that can be seen right after stepping out of the office. 

Like many dermal fillers, RADIESSE® triggers the production of collagen. This makes the results last longer, with most patients enjoying them for a year or more. Its unique formula makes it different from other injectables, offering immediate and long-term improvement.

The injectable is used as a treatment for signs of aging, improving the smoothness over time and encouraging more elastin and collagen to be produced. The most important results can be observed as time goes by and on a deeper level, which is why the treatment is preferred for its long-term results.

What Can RADIESSE® Be Used for?

RADIESSE® can be used for various anti-aging procedures, being primarily known for its ability to offer more volume. This makes it an efficient choice for patients experiencing cheek volume loss or tear troughs in the under-eye area. RADIESSE® can also be used to treat more severe wrinkles, as it can get deeper into the skin and start long-term collagen production.

Depending on the circumstances, RADIESSE® can also correct the face shape, offering it better contour. For this reason, many prefer this procedure to traditional surgery, as it is less invasive. 


RADIESSE® injections can also solve skin elasticity issues, whether they are caused by weight loss or natural aging. Patients often consider the treatment to address concerns like loose skin on the neck and drooping jowls. Marionette lines and nasolabial folds can also be resolved with this filler option. Those with chin wrinkles might want to consider using RADIESSE® fillers, as they improve skin smoothness.

What Should Patients Expect After RADIESSE®?

RADIESSE® may show some immediate results, visible even through the recovery stage. The slight swelling is a normal reaction to every needle and injection and should subside within the first one to three days. During that time, patients can wear makeup to conceal it. 

The body metabolizes the filler gel over time. Once this happens, the microspheres are the only things that remain in their position. Those spheres will move around, creating microscopic wounds that the body will perceive as injuries. This process tells the body to start healing, which brings a new collagen production.  

Steer clear of intense exercising over the first few days, as resting promotes better recovery and faster effects. The first results settle in about two weeks and will only improve over time. The final effects often appear after three months, once the collagen has matured. Individuals may enjoy their RADIESSE® results for at least one year, and maintenance treatments are recommended once every two years.

Choose RADIESSE®! 

RADIESSE® with Dermacare can be very effective in obtaining beautifully smooth skin with little signs of aging. The treatment is quick and straightforward, and the results are long-lasting. Contact Dermacare Medical Aesthetics for an appointment and get the RADIESSE® treatment!


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