Silhouette InstaLift (Thread Lift) AT DERMACARE MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Aging is a relentless process. Over the years, you’ve probably felt your body become increasingly less firm and youthful. Maybe you feel it in your knees or back, or perhaps you start to notice your eyesight isn’t what it once was.

Often, the place where signs of the aging process appear first is the face. This is because your face has dozens of muscles working hard throughout the entire day without rest. It’s hard to notice the changes at first — there may be a little laxity here or a fine line there, but eventually, significant signs of aging begin to develop in everyone.

Two Options

One day, you may find yourself glancing in the mirror, wondering when the skin on your face became so loose. Sagging skin caused by a loss of elasticity and depletion of facial fat makes many people look much older than they feel. If this sounds familiar, it’s natural to seek out ways to make your appearance reflect your vibrant and youthful spirit.

So, what can you do if you develop sagging skin in your midface and along your jaw? You have two options: you can undergo a surgical procedure like a facelift or neck lift, or you can opt for a nonsurgical procedure like Silhouette InstaLift instead.

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How Does Silhouette InstaLift Work?

The Silhouette InstaLift is a type of thread lift, a category of procedures that involves the insertion of temporary sutures into the skin to create an immediate “lifting” effect. The patented sutures have tiny cones attached to them that help grab onto the tissue and support the skin from below. These sutures are made of materials that will eventually dissolve naturally into the body (polyglycolic and poly-L-lactic acids). As this process occurs, it triggers the body’s natural collagen production process for about six months after the procedure. There’s no downtime, minimal side effects and results that are both instant and long-lasting.

Who Are Good Candidates for Silhouette InstaLift?

If you are experiencing mild or moderate sagging in the midface or jowls and would like to improve those symptoms, you are likely a candidate for a Silhouette InstaLift procedure. This treatment can address any type of skin without limitation.

It is important to keep in mind that the best candidates for any cosmetic procedure have realistic expectations about what this treatment can achieve, are currently maintaining a healthy body weight and good general health, and refrain from smoking. You should discuss any conditions or concerns you have with your medical professional during your consultation.

What Should I Expect During a Silhouette InstaLift Procedure?

Your Silhouette InstaLift will be performed inside our San Diego or Carlsbad office. When you are brought back into the procedure room, the first step will be mapping your facial structure. Dr. Birchall will assess your face and your concerns to determine the best route to proceed. Small marks may be made on your face as a guiding tool through the procedure.

After this, a local anesthetic will be applied to help relieve any potential pain or discomfort you might experience. Once the numbing agent has had a chance to kick in, the procedure will begin with Dr. Birchall inserting a needle into the skin. This allows him to thread the sutures into the appropriate areas.

Once they are in place, Dr. Birchall will pull the sutures to an appropriate tautness to create a lift in your facial appearance. Finally, he will gently massage the areas surrounding the sutures to make sure they are secured to the skin tissue.

What Is Silhouette InstaLift Recovery Like?

Most patients report experiencing minor bruising, swelling, soreness or redness directly after the procedure. Some of these symptoms may last up to five to seven days, but patients often report these symptoms fading a few days earlier. Over-the-counter medications are usually enough to mitigate any pain or discomfort.

You will be given a specific set of instructions from Dr. Birchall to follow during your recovery. You should follow the post-treatment instructions as closely as you can to ensure the most effective recovery and results.

Some of those instructions will include avoiding rubbing your face, gum and other chewy foods for up to a week or two after your procedure. Otherwise, you may dislodge the sutures before they have a chance to set fully into the skin. You will also be asked to avoid wearing makeup and your skincare routine until after the first 24 hours have passed.

What Kind of Results Does Silhouette InstaLift Offer?

This treatment, often referred to as a nonsurgical facelift, provides an immediate lift to the treated area, so you can expect less sagging and a more youthful appearance once the treatment is completed.

Most patients are able to enjoy their Silhouette InstaLift results for up to three years. It is also typical for the natural collagen production of your body to be improved for six months following the insertion of the sutures. This will help in creating a full, vibrant facial appearance.

How Much Does Silhouette InstaLift Cost?

The price of your procedure will always be determined by your unique condition and the extent of correction that is made. With that being said, most patients can expect to pay anywhere between $2,500 and $6,000 for a Silhouette InstaLift.

Keep in mind that the quality of your results is likely to be a direct reflection of the skill and expertise of your medical professional.

This means that the cost of having a Silhouette InstaLift performed by an experienced and board-certified physician who will provide you with results you are happy with is likely to be higher than someone with less experience and expertise.

Elevate Your Appearance With Silhouette InstaLift in San Diego

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