Uncover the skin you deserve with a reviving facial from Dermacare!

Procedure Summary


Indications: Basic skin care, skin evaluation, relaxation
Downtime: None
Anesthetic Needs: None
Typical Package: As needed. We recommend having them once a month.
Deep Pore Treatments

Indications: Exfoliation, brown pigment reduction, acne, smooth skin
Downtime: None
Anesthetic Needs: None
Typical Package: 1-5 treatments, 1 month apart

The formation of lines, wrinkles and other aging signs — including skin that simply lacks luster; and brightness — is almost inevitable; however, men and women have many ways to improve these symptoms and keep tired-looking skin at bay, with extremely long-lasting results. Individuals can do much more than treat the symptoms they have, though; establishing and maintaining a preventative care routine can delay and prevent the development of these unwanted features, keeping your skin fresh and youthful-looking every day.

Whatever your skincare needs, you can find effective and convenient treatments at Dermacare, performed under the supervision of skincare expert Dr. Jeff Birchall. Dermacare offers light treatments that can improve the overall appearance of your skin — not to mention your mood! — and more intensive skincare treatments that can address specific issues, such as clogged, irritated or inflamed pores. Most importantly, our experiences estheticians can create an individualized skincare plan based on your skin

Preventative Care Can Help You Avoid Problems and Allow You To Enjoy the Skin You Have

A thoughtful and well-planned preventative care plan for the skin can be an individual’s best defense against future problems but, more importantly, a key to looking healthy and youthful now. However, it may not be easy to create such a plan on your own. Dr. Birchall can help. The doctor has had years of experiences helping men and women overcome many common skincare problems and, as a result, he knows how you can prevent them.

Identifying and treating your unique set of risk factors can help you avoid problems before they can affect your looks. Of course, the sooner you begin a personalized skincare plan, the sooner you can enjoy the vibrant, brighter skin you deserve. You can also potentially avoid much more time consuming and costly procedures, in some cases, indefinitely. You can’t stop aging, but you can stop its effects on your looks, with Dermacare.

Dermacare’s Effective Facial Rejuvenation Offerings

After a careful assessment of your skin’s needs and the look you hope to achieve, our estheticians will begin crafting an ideal combination of treatments to rejuvenate your skin now and prevent future problems. Dermacare offers many ways to boost your skin health, but two of our offerings prove especially helpful to many patients, and we’d like to share those with you now.


Your face is an individual as you are. This is why every facial at Dermacare is customized to meet your individual skincare needs. Uncover the skin you deserve with a reviving facial treatment from Dermacare. From relaxing to medical grade, we have elevated the facial to a new level to help prevent damage, maintain healthy skin and enhance medical treatments.

Regular facials geared for your skin type and unique problem areas can be among your best defense against the development of early aging signs, keeping you looking great and also giving you a wonderful way to treat yourself in the process. Your skin can look its finest today, and you can get some relaxation time in, too, with a facial at Dermacare.

Deep Pore Detoxifying Treatments

These deep-cleansing treatments are an excellent choice for detoxifying acne-prone or problematic skin. Their active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids effectively penetrates pores to dissolve impactions and blackheads, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and remove excess cell debris to leave your skin hydrated, purified and clear. With their strong antibacterial and antioxidant action, this treatment is a gentle yet intensive pore cleanser that can lead to dramatic results for the right candidates.

Dermacare also offers you more ways to help you get the skin you want. In addition to facials and deep pore treatments, you may also qualify for fillers or injectable treatments, which can further enhance the appearance of your face, neck and hands. Dr. Birchall can suggest treatments which you might also benefit from during your in-person consultation and after a full exam. Ensuring you leave with a natural look that brings out your best qualities is of the highest importance to Dr. Birchall; he will never recommend a treatment to you that doesn’t fulfill a vital purpose in your overarching treatment plan.

The Importance of Creating a Custom Long-term Facial Rejuvenation Plan

Dr. Birchall wants to ensure you look your best at all times and for years to come, so we offer options that can address almost any skin or facial concern you have. Beginning with your consultation, Dermacare can help completely customize your treatment, which may include any combination of the following options:

  • Gentle cleansing treatments
  • Antioxidant enzyme exfoliation
  • Extractions, if needed
  • Hydrating, collagen-building mask
  • Corrective serums, moisturizer and sunscreen
  • Face, neck and shoulder massage

Whether you need a gentle boost to the skin, more intensive revitalizing treatments or just some quality, relaxation time, you can choose from many options to fit your needs and schedule at Dermacare, all coordinated by your skincare specialist! And if you’d like to prolong your glow, ask us about our range of medical grade skincare products that you can purchase from either of our locations, or from our convenient online store.

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