Is SculpSure the Right Body Contouring Treatment for You? AT DERMACARE MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Published: December 18, 2015
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SculpSure Body Contouring Treatment

Are you looking for a way to smooth out some curves and achieve a leaner body contour without invasive surgery or an extended recovery period? At Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, we have an innovative solution for you. SculpSure, the latest in non-invasive body contouring is now available at our clinics, offering patients a whole new way to sculpt the body without surgery.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is the latest innovation in non-surgical body contouring bsd, employing laser technology to destroy fat cells and create a leaner body contour. The procedure uses controlled heating to address fat cells directly without damaging surrounding skin or tissue. As the fat cells are destroyed, they are eliminated by the body’s own processes and the treated area becomes noticeably smaller and smoother.

What does it Treat?
SculpSure is designed to reduced focal areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. The device is effective for treating the following areas:

  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen and flanks
  • Hips and thighs

The device is able to treat multiple treatment areas at one time, thanks to four separate applicator heads. This means you can get a full treatment without adding time to the procedure clock, making SculpSure a convenient and efficient method of body sculpting compared to other non-surgical contouring treatments available today.

How does it Work?

SculpSure uses the applicator heads to deliver laser energy directly to the focal areas of fat. The laser heats the adipose fat to a temperature that effectively destroys the fat cells so they can be eliminated through the lymphatic system. The heat is targeted so that it does not damage surrounding skin and tissue.

What can I Expect from My Results?

Results from SculpSure will develop in the weeks following the procedure. Most patients will experience full results within 2-3 months. Studies have shown patients will experience an average fat reduction of 24 percent in the treated area. Patient satisfaction with the procedure has been rated by the manufacturer as more than 90 percent.

SculpSure is the latest option in non-invasive body contouring and it is now available at Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics. To learn more about this innovative treatment or schedule your consultation with Dr. Birchall, contact Dermacare in Carlsbad at 760-472-5088 or in San Diego at 858-943-2443.