MonaLisa Touch

With the passing of years comes many changes in the appearance and functionality of a woman’s body. Whether it is through giving birth or going through menopause — both milestones can certainly affect the condition of the vagina.

It’s usually not until something feels uncomfortable that you begin to wonder whether you should seek treatment for your vaginal health. You may experience vaginal dryness, mild incontinence, skin laxity, itching, and burning, all of which can make intercourse painful, disrupt your personal relationships and affect your self-esteem.

When you consult with Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics, Dr. Jeff Birchall may recommend MonaLisa Touch — a CO2 fractional laser treatment designed specifically for the vaginal mucosa that works to reduce the discomfort you are feeling.

How Does MonaLisa Touch Work?

The MonaLisa Touch consists of a handheld fractional laser that is gently inserted into the vagina. The CO2 fractional technology targets the vaginal walls and creates microscopic lesions along the skin’s surface. The formation of lesions stimulates collagen production in the vagina — a process known as neocollagenesis — that begins to repair the damaged skin cells contributing to the issues you are facing.

Over time, and as you continue to receive treatment with the MonaLisa Touch, you will see improved function in the structure of your vagina. Any skin laxity issues will improve, and the dryness you may experience during intimacy will give way to a feeling of being lubricated, leaving you to enjoy intercourse more often.

Additionally, the newly produced collagen will result in enhanced structures that relieve urinary incontinence. No longer will you suffer from leaks and social embarrassment.

One of the biggest benefits you will find is that your treatment with the MonaLisa Touch is painless. The nonsurgical procedure gently revitalizes the vagina, and the Dermacare team will help you feel completely comfortable as it does so.

Is MonaLisa Touch Right for You?

Discussing your functional concerns with a physician at Dermacare is important. Every woman experiences different side effects after childbirth or menopause that impact the vagina differently. At Dermacare, you can privately and openly discuss your concerns to determine whether MonaLisa Touch is right for you.

If you are experiencing vaginal laxity problems that is interfering with your ability to enjoy intercourse, or dryness that is making sex painful, then rejuvenating your vagina with the MonaLisa Touch may improve intimacy for both you and your partner. The MonaLisa Touch will also address any burning or itching sensations that may occur due to vaginal irritation.

During your consultation, we will perform an examination to ensure you are healthy enough to receive treatment with MonaLisa Touch. If you are pregnant or have a vaginal infection, we may recommend that you postpone treatment until your vagina has recuperated.

Your Dermacare physician will typically recommend up to three treatment sessions spaced six weeks apart, depending on your particular needs. Multiple treatment sessions allow the collagen within the vaginal tissues to build an equilibrium and gradually rehydrate the vaginal walls. This process will aid in the restoration of your vagina without affecting pH levels or contributing to an infection.

What Can You Expect?

Neocollagenesis is a gradual process, and it may take a few months before you feel the full effects of the MonaLisa Touch; however, the stimulation of collagen occurs immediately, and many patients report noticing an improvement after their first treatment session.

The best part is that the procedure involves no recovery time, and your treatment session should take only a few minutes to complete. You should also experience no side effects and return to most of your daily routine almost immediately; you should, however, expect to refrain from intercourse for at least 48 hours.

The MonaLisa Touch is highly effective at restoring the tone and elasticity of the vagina, which will not only improve your personal relationships but also your quality of life. Even after your treatments are complete, you can expect tissue regeneration to continue to improve the structures of the vagina, giving you lasting comfort and satisfaction as you move through life.

You can learn more about treatment with the MonaLisa Touch by contacting Dermacare and scheduling a personal consultation. With an examination and a discussion of your concerns, we can help you decide whether MonaLisa Touch will benefit your wellbeing. Contact us today in either our Rancho Bernardo or Carlsbad locations for more information.