Weight Loss Help for the New Year AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: January 26, 2016
Category: Blog, Weight Loss
New Year New You

Weight loss is one of the top resolutions made at the beginning of each year. Unfortunately, it is often easier to make the resolution than to stick with it and see it through to completion. If you are serious about losing weight in 2016, the team at Dermacare has a few tips that will help you make your goals a reality.

Diet Changes

The bottom line in weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume. In most cases, this means to cut calories from your diet while burning those you do consume through daily exercise. Diet changes do not have to be extreme to be effective. Check out these small changes you can make to get the positive results you are looking for:

  • Up your water consumption daily to increase feelings of fullness without extra calories
  • Cut out sugary beverages that add calories without any real nutritional benefit
  • Use smaller plates for meals to better control portion sizes
  • Swap out processed foods for fresh, raw selections
  • Increase your amount of protein consumption daily, while limiting carbohydrates

You may find that smaller diet changes are not only easier to make; they are also easier to stick with over the long term to ensure the weight you do lose stays off. 

Best Exercise Tips 

Daily exercise is another important component of a successful weight loss program. However, like your diet changes, you can start small with your exercise routine and build up over time. Consider these workout tips:

  • Include brief intervals of more intense training in your cardio workouts
  • Incorporate strength training into your routine 2-3 times per week
  • Work out with a friend to make sessions more fun and hold you accountable
  • Switch your workout time to first thing in the morning to jumpstart your day
  • Take a short power walk at lunch to increase your energy and rev up the metabolism

DC Lifestyle

The DC Lifestyle was a program instituted by Dr. Birchall at Dermacare when he made the decision to slim down and adopt a healthier way of life for himself. This program combines exercise, diet and other healthy habits that will help you shed extra pounds while improving your level of health and your quality of life. Dr. Birchall and his staff serve as coaches for DC Lifestyle, helping others achieve their weight loss and their fitness goals. 

Body Contouring Procedures

Once you have finally reached your weight loss goals, you may be dismayed to discover your body contour still isn’t quite what you imagined. Isolated pockets of fat around problem areas like the hips and midsection often don’t respond to your diet and exercise efforts, leaving you with less-than-stellar results. The good news is there are a number of non-surgical body contouring procedures available at Dermacare to help you eliminate those final bulges and smooth out your new contour. CoolSculpting and SculpSure are two excellent options that produce a leaner, sleeker profile without discomfort or downtime. 

Weight loss isn’t easy, but with the right habits and persistence, you can reach your goals. If you need additional support, contact Dermacare in San Diego at 858-943-2443 or in Carlsbad at 760-472-5088 to learn more about our programs and treatments today.