RADIESSE® in San Diego

Radiesse dermal filler may be used in an array of treatments ideal for correcting the signs of aging by adding natural contours to the face or hands, without invasive surgery.

Procedure Summary:

RADIESSE®Indications: Reduction of wrinkles and volume replacement in cheeks and hands

Downtime: None

Anesthetic Needs: While many patients can comfortably undergo treatment without any anesthetic needs, some may opt for ice, a topical anesthetic, or dental block.

Typical Package: Maintenance treatments may be needed every 9-12 months

We are particularly excited about the use of RADIESSE® in the hands. As we all know, hands reveal more than just gestures and thoughts – they announce our age as well. The aging process is most noticeable in the hands as skin becomes lax and wrinkled, and as underlying structures such as bones and veins become more pronounced. RADIESSE® dermal filler can rejuvenate the hands by adding volume to deliver a more youthful appearance.

“With minimal discomfort, using Radiesse, Dr. Birchall was able to fully mask the unsightly veins. I couldn’t be happier with the result, including Dr. Birchall’s personal and professional support through this treatment.”


RADIESSE® uses advanced, calcium-based microsphere technology to deliver soft, natural-looking results you can see immediately. Unlike other dermal fillers, it also stimulates your body to produce calcium over time. In fact, for many patients the benefits of treatment with RADIESSE® dermal filler may last up to a year or more.

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