Published: August 27, 2010
Category: Blog, Skin Tags

Cassandra is our Clinic Coordinator for the Dermacare Carlsbad office and today’s guest blogger.

The Ellman machine was made for all of us fabulously “moley” individuals and I state with a certainty, that this machine is truly the answer to our prayers. Since it rids us of these often bothersome, cosmetically unpleasing, skin tags/lesions once and for all! I had 20 tags removed and I am planning for more. My dream as a child was to be “mole-free” but due to genetics, this just isn’t going to happen. But now, with use of the Ellman machine, those skin tags that caused discomfort around my neck, and trunk area are history!

The Ellman procedure is both fast and effective with the healing time, depending on area and a persons healing response, around 1 to 3 weeks. This is do-able since after having them for so long, it’s just amazing to be free from those eyesores, period! Doctor simply injected each site with a numbing compound then he is able to  “Ellman” the lesion off, removing it completely. Bleeding is minimal, if at all, and a topical antibiotic along with a band-aid is then applied. That’s it, quick & precise! After a few days of keeping it covered one can monitor the healing until it is completely undetectable from the naked eye; as if it was never there…. this is what I call ~ amazing!

So if you want to be skin tag free the answer in a word is the Ellman! Just knowing that it’s so quick & easy is even more of a motivator!