Are CoolSculpting Results Permanent? AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: April 13, 2018
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For the majority of women, the effects of aging, pregnancy and heredity will have their way when it comes to developing areas of unwanted fat. Diet and exercise may help, but for many people, specific regions of the body just won’t let go of fatty deposits. CoolSculpting can make those troublesome areas go away!

As one of the newest body contouring technologies, CoolSculpting’s effects are not temporary. Once an area has been treated, those fat cells are gone. Contact Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you achieve the body you desire or keep reading to see how CoolSculpting delivers long-lasting results.*

The Science Behind CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting uses a technology that’s based on the science of cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis involves using controlled cooling to destroy fat cells. When fat cells are subjected to temperatures between 23 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit, they crystallize and die off. CoolSculpting adapts this technology for body contouring purposes.

Once fat cells die off, the body eliminates them naturally in the same way it eliminates any other type of dead cell material. As the only federally-approved method for “freezing” away fat cells, CoolSculpting is a safe and efficient method for eliminating areas of unwanted fat on the body. Since the procedure doesn’t require surgery, you can have it done right in Dermacare’s Carlsbad or Rancho Bernardo office.

CoolSculpting Gets Rid of Fat Cells for Good

The CoolSculpting device is designed to accommodate the areas of the body most prone to storing fat. It also has a smaller handpiece that’s used to target areas of fat beneath the chin. Overall, CoolSculpting can target these areas of the body:

  • Flanks (sides of the body between the rib cage and the hip bone)
  • Thighs
  • Areas of fat around the bustline
  • Areas of fat on the back
  • Underarm fat
  • Buttocks
  • Stomach

CoolSculpting delivers very long-lasting results based on its ability to destroy existing fat cells. Once fat cells die off, they’re gone for good. This means areas that undergo a CoolSculpting procedure will have fewer fat cells forever!

Reduced Weight Gain

The human body only has a set number of fat cells that form during fetal development and puberty. Once puberty passes, the body retains the same amount of fat cells for life. This means a CoolSculpting procedure offers more than just a body contouring solution. CoolSculpting reduces your overall weight gain potential!

When you gain weight, your existing fat cells don’t multiply. They just get bigger. In effect, the more fat cells you have, the more weight you can take on. With CoolSculpting, the total number of fat cells has been reduced, and so has your “weight gaining” potential. Since the procedure reduces the amount of fat cells in any one treated area, there are fewer existing cells. This means if you do happen to put on a few extra pounds, the area will take on less weight or fat than it did before.

What’s Involved With a CoolSculpting Procedure?

A CoolSculpting procedure uses cooling panels that envelope targeted areas of fat. Since fat freezes at higher temperatures than skin, blood vessels and nerves, the freezing effects of CoolSculpting won’t harm surrounding structures. The device delivers controlled cooling that gently freezes fat cells beneath the skin.

During the procedure, you’ll likely experience a tugging sensation. This is because the cooling panels wrap around the areas being treated. Many people attend to sit-down tasks, such as reading or checking emails while the treatment is underway, so there’s little to no discomfort to worry about during your procedure.

On average, a CoolSculpting procedure takes 35 minutes per area treated. The abdomen is considered one area. Larger areas, such as flanks, would qualify as two treatment areas. As the body continues to flush out the dead fat cells, you’ll see ongoing improvement with optimal results showing in three to four months.

At Dermacare, whether you visit our Carlsbad or Rancho Bernardo offices, your CoolSculpting treatment will be performed only by staff members who are certified CoolSculpting® technicians, so you will be able to get expert care that’s tailored to you to ensure quality results. Your safety and overall comfort throughout the procedure are our priorities.

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

If you’ve been dieting and exercising, and still can’t get rid of unwanted fat like love handles or that abdominal pooch, you’re probably a good candidate for CoolSculpting. As anyone can develop areas of unwanted fat, CoolSculpting works for both women and men. Since the procedure is designed to sculpt and contour the body, it doesn’t work well as a weight loss solution, but is perfect for people at a stable weight who just want a little help with those small stubborn spots.

If you’re committed to maintaining a healthy weight, no further weight gain will develop in the treated areas. Other factors that make you a good candidate for CoolSculpting include:

  • You’re in good health
  • You want to eliminate specific areas of fat, such as on the legs or arms
  • Your skin still retains its tone and elasticity

There are still certain conditions that don’t respond well to CoolSculpting. These include:

  • Obesity
  • Excess scarring in the area you want to be treated
  • Poor skin elasticity
  • Skin problems, such as eczema and dermatitis

Customized Treatment Planning

The body contouring effects of CoolSculpting make it easy to target stubborn areas and finally get the look you want. Dr. Birchall will spend time with you to identify your goals and lay out a treatment plan that works for you. While you can get one area done at a time, you also have the option of getting several areas done in one office visit. While you’ll spend more time in our office for that session, you won’t need to schedule subsequent appointments to reach your full aesthetic goals.

Something else to keep in mind is you can combine CoolSculpting with one of our other body contouring treatments, such as skin tightening. If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight or you are coming off a pregnancy, excess skin folds may be an issue. A skin tightening procedure can put the finishing touch on an area that’s been treated with CoolSculpting. We here at Dermacare can put together a treatment plan that helps you get the look you want.

Potential Side Effects

As with most any medical treatment, CoolSculpting may cause a side effect or two. Some patients experience swelling and soreness around the treatment sites after their treatment. However, the discomfort should not be significant enough to keep you from your daily activities. Most side effects will subside within a week or two. Potential side effects to watch for include:

  • Mild pain at the treatment site
  • Slight stinging
  • Possible redness or swelling
  • Slight bruising
  • Sensitive areas of the skin

Call to Schedule a Consultation

If you’re considering CoolSculpting or have questions about other body contouring treatment options, we can help. Call Dermacare to set up a one-on-one consult today. Say goodbye to those stubborn areas of unwanted fat and enjoy a leaner, sculpted body profile.

*Individual results may vary.