Fraxel: Lasting Results! AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: October 20, 2010
Category: Blog, Fraxel

Recently we have had two clients come back into our office that were past Fraxel clients.  For various reasons, life had kept them away for a couple of years and now they were returning for other services.  What was very exciting was how amazing their skin still looked.  When asked about their procedures, they were “gushing” with joy as they described the benefits of their Fraxel treatments and how their skin still looked and felt great.  When we are asked about how long laser treatments last our “standard answer” is 18 months.  These last 2 clients are at 24 months and counting.  For those not familiar with Fraxel, it is a laser that improves fine texture and sunspots, additionally it has been approved for treatment of precancerous lesions, and melasma. Here at Dermacare we have preformed over 1400 procedures on all different skin types.  Ask to see our before and after pictures next time you are in the office.