The older you get, the more you notice that your facial features are not as firm as they used to be. The skin starts losing its laxity, the cheeks are losing their definition, and the jowls are becoming more prominent. This is very common, as the skin cells can no longer regenerate as quickly once you reach the third decade of life. While the aging process cannot be fully stopped, it can be slowed down with procedures like Sofwave™. Available at Dermacare Medical Aesthetics in San Juan Capistrano, Sofwave™ can help restore the skin to its natural beauty.


Good candidates for Sofwave™ are patients with mild to moderate skin laxity looking for a lifting and tightening effect. The treatment is often recommended for those who notice their skin is beginning to sag, but do not wish to add extra volume to their features. The option is generally a good choice for those hoping for natural results as they reverse some signs of aging.

Individuals with sun-damaged skin might also benefit from Sofwave™, especially those women and men with fine lines and wrinkles. Most patients are in their 30s and above, but a consultation may determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this procedure. It is also recommended for those looking for a facial lifting effect without surgical intervention.

Patients should be healthy and have realistic expectations of the Sofwave™ procedure and their goals. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also show caution before using the treatment and wait at least three months after giving birth. If you have an active infection on your skin, such as an acne breakout or rash, it is recommended that you postpone the Sofwave™ treatment.

How Sofwave™ Works

Sofwave™ is a treatment option offered at Dermacare Medical Aesthetics San Juan Capistrano that is often recommended for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. The procedure uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB™) technology, which creates a fractional heating effect some 1.5mm deep in the mid-dermis. This helps promote the production of new collagen and elastin, offering a more youthful aesthetic.

The procedure is non-surgical, lasting about 45 minutes in the office. As the laser activates the healing process of your skin, it can clear various imperfections, regardless of what one’s skin type may be. It is also a customizable treatment, with each level of the procedure ensuring you obtain the desired results.

The Sofwave™ treatment also includes an integrated SofCool™ system, which keeps the top area of the skin from burning. This increases comfort and reduces potential side effects, making it a good alternative to surgical facelifts.


As Sofwave™ is a non-invasive treatment, the potential for downtime is minimal, with most patients being able to return to their routine immediately. Some mild discomfort during and after the procedure is expected, but overall it is very well tolerated.

Expect some swelling and redness to occur within the first one to three days after the procedure, along with some mild pain or sensitivity. This is a normal reaction to the laser activating the skin’s natural healing system, starting the new collagen production. These effects typically subside within two to three days after the treatment.

Recovery should be complete within a few days, with good skincare being paramount. Follow the post-care instructions, be patient, and keep the skin clean and hydrated. Make sure to avoid extensive exercise and hot baths or showers for the next 24 hours after treatment.


Sofwave™ results can be seen three to six months after treatment once the collagen regeneration and maturing process begins to take place. Skin quality of the treated area will continue to build over time, so patience and reasonable expectations are key.

Most patients require just one treatment to obtain the results they have been aiming for. However, depending on the skin quality, multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired effect. A consultation at the San Juan Capistrano office is essential as it can determine the route needed to get the perfect look.

Maintenance sessions might be necessary at least once or twice per year to maintain the results. The yearly maintenance treatment is often enough if the skin quality is generally good, and skin laxity is mild.