I Want to Look Happy, Not Angry AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: August 18, 2010
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The three best tools for creating a happy, approachable expression…

As a child I always remember being afraid of my Great Uncle Joe. I don’t remember anything in particular that he did or said that frightened me, he was just one of those gruff, no-nonsense farmers that always seemed to be angry. I was glad I didn’t have to spend too much time with him!

After starting Dermacare, I began to have clients – businessmen, teachers, mothers and more – say to me, “I want to look happy, not angry.” In other words, they had come to understand that their furrowed brows, their scowling eyebrows, their grimacing mouths and/or their deep set eyes were sending an angry message, even when they weren’t angry; just like Uncle Joe must have done to me!  So, whether you are a professional, in retail, a coach, a parent, or anyone – a soft, friendly approachable appearance can be the key to success and better relationships.

Changes in our Expression

As we age, gravity takes its toll on our face causing sagging, which can exaggerate the lines around our eyes, nose and mouth. In addition, repetitive expressions build up the muscles of our face and can permanently crease the skin in our forehead, between our eyes and around our mouth. The resulting permanent “scowl” can make even the friendliest of people appear scary or angry.

Make a Positive Change

Simple, in-office treatments can erase the signs of aging and even damage done through repetitive expressions. Botox and Juvederm are a simple one-two punch that both reduce muscle movement, and fill in even deep creases in the face.  Using a fine needle, these injectable products work in the muscles and below the surface of the skin to seemingly smooth out anger, stress and fatigue. The results are visible, often in only minutes, last for several months, and significantly improve over time.

Renewing the Glow

Botox and Juvederm erase anger and stress, but what about brown spots and weathered, dull, sandpapery skin? For many people, regaining that youthful, dewy “glow” is the one factor that would most impact their expression. For dramatic results over time, we continue to have excellent results with the Fraxel laser.  Fraxel is a deep laser treatment that lightens and then eliminates brown spots, uneven coloring, scars and fine lines. But most important, Fraxel revives the smooth appearance and soft glow that is common in youthful skin. By deeply stimulating the production of collagen – Fraxel literally turns back the clock.
Like Uncle Joe, we may all look angrier as we get older.  But with simple treatments like Botox, Juvederm and Fraxel we can ensure that our appearance continues to promote our success, instead of working against it.  After having his first Botox procedure, one executive commented to me, “Three employees at work, that I’ve never spoken to before, approached me this week!” He owed it all to Botox.

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