To Botox or Not to Botox? AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: November 23, 2010
Category: Blog, Botox

At Dermacare, sometimes clients struggle with what it means to “age gracefully”.  They ask themselves: should I get a Fraxel, Botox, or just accept the changes in my face and “age gracefully”?   These questions have made me wonder what does it mean to age gracefully?  Maybe getting treatments is aging gracefully.   Aging gracefully will mean different things to different people.  I am thinking it’s a more a state of mind, and youthful attitude rather than how we look.  With life’s experiences, we develop a calmness, security and acceptance of who we are as a person.  My grandfather always told me to keep learning, as he knew it was important to staying vibrant.  I have also seen how involvement in others wellbeing keeps people vibrant throughout their lives.  Maybe Botox has nothing to do with aging gracefully other than it reflexes a healthy sense of self-respect and recognition that I am still a vibrant person worth caring about.