Why You Should Choose Medical-Grade Skin Care AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: September 13, 2023
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In your quest to find the perfect skincare products, you may go through many trials and errors. Finding the right cream often takes time, and some of the “fails” can cause unpleasant reactions like rashes. Depending on the severity of the reaction and the compatibility with your skin, your skin might take a bit longer to recover and get back to its “normal” state.

However, with so many skin care options easily available on a supermarket shelf, you may find yourself wondering: why bother with medical-grade skin care? Well, there are several areas in which these types of skin products are undoubtedly superior. Let us help you understand the benefits and why you should make the switch to Dermacare’s medical-grade skin care products!

What Is Medical-Grade Skin Care?

Medical-grade skin care is a term that is used to describe products that are always backed by scientific research and have passed FDA inspections with flying colors. They are often subjected to double-blind and controlled trials to ensure efficiency and safety.

The standards for these items are much stricter than they are for over-the-counter skin care – the latter does not have to go through FDA trials or inspections. This can make them quite the hit-or-miss option, as people have to try different products before they find the perfect fit. With medical-grade skin care, you have a better chance of quickly finding something that works well for your skin.

Benefits of Medical-Grade Skin Care

Here are some of the main reasons why you should opt for medical-grade skin care:

1. It’s Recommended After a Consultation

One key difference between medical-grade skin care and over-the-counter products is that the former comes with a consultation. When you pick something off a shelf, you merely cross your fingers and hope that it will work for you. However, medical-grade skin care is often recommended by a skin care professional only after a consultation. During this consultation, your trained skin care specialist will be able to determine which product(s) is best for you; additionally, only professionals are authorized to sell products labeled as “medical grade.”

While at your consultation, our providers will take a good look at your complexion and determine what your needs are. If you have acne-prone skin, then they may recommend a Medicated Face Wash with Benzoyl Peroxide USP. On the other hand, if you have mature skin and experience signs of aging, then they may recommend Collagen Peptide Therapy. The consultation will help us determine exactly what products can meet your skin care needs.

2. Higher Concentration of Active Agents

Compared to over-the-counter skin care items, medical-grade products have a higher concentration of active agents because they are dispensed by medical professionals and also have more research backing them up. As a result, a greater balance of active ingredients can be achieved to ensure that your skin gets the treatment it needs. Products such as the Retinol Smoothing Serum feature growth factors that have proven to be very effective for the skin.

Most over-the-counter products may include the name of the ingredients on the label but do not specify the exact concentration. With medical-grade skin care, you get access to this information, making it easy for you to control how much of that ingredient you get. For instance, the Super Clear Spot Tx specifies that you get 5% Benzoyl Peroxide USP, which can help clear potential blemishes.

3. They Go Deep

Very often, store-bought products can feel like they are working very efficiently in the beginning. However, at some point, your skin will return to its previous state. These products usually remain in the top dermis, becoming relatively useless or ineffective once that skin layer is shed off.

Medical-grade skin care goes deeper. For example, with products like the SkinMedica® TNS Advanced+ Serum, you’ll typically wait about two weeks before noticing any change or results. This is because the serum acts from deep within, improving your skin complexion in the long term.

Beautiful Skin With Medical-Grade Skin Care 

Over-the-counter skin care can be a good option to make your skin feel nice, but the results are not always up to par. Medical-grade skin care has a higher potential of being efficient and giving you that lasting rejuvenation that you prefer. Contact Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics to schedule a consultation and get the best products for your skin!

For more information about medical-grade skin care, you can contact Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics at 858-230-8040 for our practice in San Diego and 760-206-8926 for the office in Carlsbad. Alternatively, you can use our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.