Precision Tx™ Neck Lift AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Youthful, contoured facial appearance without surgery or downtime.

Procedure Summary

Indications: Removal of unwanted fat, skin tightening
Downtime: 2 days
Anesthetic Needs: Local anesthetic
Typical Package: Single Treatment

The Precision Neck Lift uses a unique laser contorting system to treat the lower face, neck and under then chin. Through a few tiny incisions, the liquefied fat is then removed from the body with a medical suction device. The laser is also effective in causing small blood vessels to coagulate immediately reducing bleeding, swelling and bruising. Precision Neck Lift is gentle on the body, only a local anesthesia is used, allowing you to stay awake and quickly resume your normal daily activities.

Prior to treatment, you will have a consultation with Dr. Birchall to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. On the day of the procedure, the treatment area is marked and pictures are taken. In some cases, the patient will be provided with a mild sedative to make the experience more comfortable. After local numbing is done at the predetermined sites, small, concealable incisions are made. The first step is to infuse a dilute anesthetic fluid throughout the area of concern. The second cannula is for the laser, which liquefies the fat in the targeted area. Finally, the melted fat is eliminated through a medical suction device.

Does the Precision Tx™ Neck Lift treatment hurt?

A local anesthetic is used, so patients feel little to no discomfort during their treatment. A pain medication may be prescribed by Dr. Birchall at their discretion based upon the patient’s level of discomfort.

Are there any side effects?

Slight swelling and irritation may occur at the incision site but will quickly resolve within a few days.

When can I return to work?

Patients can return to work almost immediately following their treatment. Most people wait 2- 3 days.