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How Many Fraxel’s Are There?

The Fraxel laser revolutionized the laser skin care industry when it was introduced in 2003.  Prior to that the CO2 and erbium lasers were the key lasers for skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation.  Unfortunately, these lasers had significant complications rates, long down times (4-5wks) and were not safe on darker skin types.  By “fractionating” the…

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How to Glow

On a recent vacation, I had the opportunity to do some people watching. Being in the cosmetic field, I spent that time looking at a lot of faces.  There were many women between the ages of 30 and 80; some were pretty and some, not so much.  (Of course, all of this “research” had to…

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Smooooottthhhh Skin

We like it. We like the feel when we wash our face. We like the feel when someone else touches our face. We like how it looks. With it, we look healthier, more vibrant and more energetic. Yet it can seem so elusive. Don’t despair, we are actually starting to get a good understanding of…

laser skin treatment patient

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Laser Maintenance: The Key to Glowing Skin

October is the month to come in for your next laser treatment. At Dermacare Medical Aesthetics and Dermacare Carlsbad, we are ready to provide you with your next routine laser appointment to keep you looking healthy and feeling great. Most laser treatments require minimal upkeep to ensure the results are enduring. If it has been…

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Everything You Need to Know: CO2 Laser Treatments

Laser skin rejuvenation has become the go-to choice for skin renewal for many individuals, but it can be hard to know which device will work the best for you. At Dermacare, we offer different laser options, allowing us to customize treatments to the precise needs of all our patients. Our CO2 laser, the SmartSkin CO2…

skin moisturizer

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3 Factors in Choosing a Moisturizer

No matter what your skin type might be, a moisturizer is likely a necessity for your daily skin care regimen. This is especially the case during the fall and winter months when even the supplest of skin can become dry and itchy. Choosing a moisturizer is no easy task when you consider the massive number…

Oranges with vitamin C

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Why You Need to Add Vitamin C to Your Skincare Regimen

Vitamin C should be more than your go-to dietary supplement for coughs, cold and the flu. This essential part of a healthy diet does so much more, and it can have particularly powerful benefits for your skin. When you have Vitamin C as a part of a satisfying meal — or as a key ingredient…

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When Should I Start Facial Laser Treatments?

Facial Laser treatments are designed to induce the body’s natural healing processes, stimulating collagen production to remodel surface skin and strengthen its underlying structure. With highly developed safety protocols and proven long-lasting results, lasers offer a myriad of benefits for men and women of all skin types and conditions. Given the customizability of laser skin…

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Emerging from Isolation: Redefine Your Goals and Yourself

As states across the nation begin the process of lifting shelter-in-place orders and reopening salons, restaurants and other businesses, there is still much uncertainty about how COVID-19 will impact our lives. This has been a challenging time for everyone. We’ve felt anxiety, grief, guilt, anger, boredom, loneliness and other intense emotions that have taken a…