Get Laser Liposuction Just in Time for Summer! AT DERMACARE MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Published: June 12, 2024
Category: LifeSculpt (Liposuction), Laser Treatments

Summer is coming around, and with this is the opportunity to wear a swimsuit, sport a cute crop top, or go shirtless on the beach. Naturally, everyone wants to look their best, but those stubborn fat bulges are an unwelcome addition to their summer pictures. Regardless of how much some people diet or hit the gym, those fat pockets are still stubbornly clinging to their bodies. 

With liposuction quickly becoming the most popular cosmetic procedure, individuals can target specific stubborn fat to sculpt their bodies. However, if they want a more efficient body contouring procedure, they can choose laser liposuction. In this blog, our readers can learn more about how laser liposuction works and why it can turn their summer around.

What Is Laser Liposuction?

As the name suggests, laser liposuction is a unique fat-melting treatment that uses both cannulas and laser to reduce fat. Tiny incisions will be made under the skin where the laser will liquefy and separate the fat in its path. After that, cannulas will be inserted in the incision to suction out the fat that has been liquified. 

Since the fat cells are separated and thinned out, the skin should not go through as much trauma when the fat is removed. This also decreases bleeding, which ultimately reduces inflammation in the treated area. The laser helps the blood vessels coagulate immediately, which diminishes swelling and bruising. The procedure can help reduce up to 37 percent of fat in the treated area, with the results visible within a few weeks.

Laser liposuction often treats one area at a time, which means you may need follow-up sessions to get a full-body treatment. That said, treating multiple areas at the same time can come with financial advantages. For instance, by treating full abs and flanks at Dermacare Medical Aesthetics, you can save up to $990. The offer is part of the June Monthly Special offered by Dermacare, and you can treat a wider area at a lower price.

Benefits of Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction comes with a series of advantages, which include the following:

  • It Treats Great Amounts of Fat

Liposuction has always been effective at reducing body fat, tackling around 25 percent of it. That said, adding the laser that separates the fat makes it easier (and safer) to pull out the excess fat, extracting an extra 12 percent. As the procedure targets higher amounts of fat, clients have the opportunity to reach their body-sculpting goals much faster. 

  • It Is Minimally Invasive

While cannulas are still used to suction the fat out from underneath the skin, this fat liquefaction reduces the chances of complications. The tissue is separated and destroyed underneath the skin, reducing the trauma and bleeding. The laser treatment instantly cauterizes the blood vessels, keeping excess blood from being lost. Clients still have to go through some downtime, but compared to traditional liposuction, it is short-lived.

  • Quick Results 

The fact that it is minimally invasive also means that clients can enjoy results much faster. Most of the swelling goes away within the first four weeks, after which patients can see the full effect of the treatment. While some individuals can still notice residual swelling after four months of the procedure, it usually doesn’t compromise the sculpted figure.

  • Skin Tightening Effect

The addition of the laser triggers the body’s healing response, whose answer is to produce more collagen. This can be very convenient to prevent sagging, a common fat loss occurrence. As the body recovers and the swelling is reduced, the skin should also be pulled back and become firmer. Combined with other skin tightening techniques, this can make the body appear well-put-together.

Get Your Laser Liposuction at Dermacare Medical Aesthetics!

Summer is meant to be fun, not filled with concerns about unwanted fat pockets. Laser liposuction can help you achieve your goals, offering even better results than traditional liposuction. Schedule an appointment with Dermacare Medical Aesthetics in the month of June and save $990 on full abs and flanks laser liposuction. Get your version of a beach body today!


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