It’s Not Just Fat

Dermacare's Medical Director, Dr. BirchallWhether it is Botox, Juvederm, a laser treatment, or most recently our LifeSculpt (Laser assisted liposuction) I continue to be amazed at how profoundly affected people are by the outcomes of a procedure.  LifeSculpt, in particular has been transforming for people.  Repeatedly, people talk about how their life has been changed.  More specifically, their outlook has been changed.  Several have been so dismayed by an unwanted “fat pocket” that they have given up exercising and taking care of themselves because of it.  After their LifeSculpt, they stand taller, smile more and they want to take better care of themselves.  They have started exercising and losing additional weight, making their result even more spectacular.  It is these heartfelt changes that have inspired the phrase, “Dermacare … because looking good feels GREAT!”