Carolyn Williams, RN Registered Nurse AT Dermacare Carlsbad

About Carolyn

Carolyn studied nursing at Biola University and has been a nurse for more than 36 years.

Prior to working at Dermacare, she worked in labor and delivery, home help, case management, and as a school nurse. As a case manager, Carolyn was no longer working hands-on with patients, so she made the transition to cosmetic medicine for the opportunity to return back to actively participating in the regular treatment of patients.

At Dermacare, Carolyn primarily administers laser and PRP treatments but also provides BOTOX® injections. She loves the beauty industry and believes true beauty is displaying an attitude of love, joy, and peace. In her free time, Carolyn loves hiking, traveling with her husband, spending time with her three sons, going to the gym, going to church, and leading Bible study.