Sign Up and Save With Allē at Dermacare! AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: May 15, 2024
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When it comes to facial care, finding the best offers and services can have a significant effect on the purchasing experience. Allē is one of the most exclusive loyalty programs out there. So, whether someone already has an established routine or wants to bring things up a notch, Allē can help them save up with just a sign-in!

At Dermacare Medical Aesthetics, we understand that each beauty treatment is an investment, so we want to make it worthwhile. Whether our clients are looking for a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment or access to medical-grade skincare, Dermacare helps redeem points on Allē brands!

What Is Allē?

Allē is a very popular loyalty program offered by Allergan Aesthetics, the brand that created numerous beautifying products like JUVÉDERM® and BOTOX® Cosmetic. Loyalty programs have gained a lot of popularity nowadays, allowing customers to obtain lower prices for their favorite services. Allergan has caught on to that, and Allē’s program has grown in size ever since it was implemented.

The innovative program allows clients to earn points whenever they purchase. These points (or extra credit) can later be redeemed when a new purchase is made. Clients can use the credit to buy products matching the price or list it as a discount for a pricier service.

One of the greatest advantages of Allē memberships is that it allows its users to get offers for more than 50 products and treatments. Clients looking for body contouring procedures, facial injectables, or medical-grade skincare can gather up points and redeem them upon the next purchase. The more purchases someone makes, the more they can save up in the long run.

How You Can Benefit Through Dermacare

Signing up for Allē can bring several benefits to Dermacare clients, including: 

  • Limited-Time Offers

Allē flashes are great moments for obtaining access to limited-time offers. Whether our clients are looking for a maintenance treatment or want to try a new procedure, a visit to Dermacare can provide various opportunities. Flash sales can help everyone receive products and services at a lower price than usual, making the most of the purchase experience.

  • Special Promos

Regardless of the time when they sign up, Allē members have access to various exclusive saving opportunities. Each month brings something special, so keeping an eye on our page is recommended. For example, May 8th brought an exclusive Mother’s Day promotion for Allē members, starting at 8 AM: spend $100, get $50 back in extra credit. This gave the gifting children an opportunity to enjoy treatments alongside their mothers!

  • Gift Products

It’s always a joy to buy when it seems that promotions never end! By signing up for Allē, there is more than just extra credit or promotions for clients to enjoy. Whenever users purchase through the Allē promotion, they can get access to complimentary Dermacare travel bags! It’s recommended to call or text the online store to make sure one is reserved!

Save Up With Allē!

An Allē membership can save you a lot of money. Regardless of your signup day, you can benefit from various promotions. So, schedule an appointment and put your Allē points to good use!


For more information about Allē and the promotions you can enjoy, please contact Dermacare Medical Aesthetics at 858-230-8040. We have offices in San Diego, Carlsbad, and San Juan Capistrano, where you can enjoy these offers. As an alternative, you can fill out our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you shortly!