Can Laser Hair Removal Really Help Me Save Time? AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: February 1, 2024
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laser hair removal treatment

You likely spend a fair bit of time removing unwanted hair. Shaving, waxing, tweezing — it takes up your precious minutes when you could be doing something more enjoyable. Have you considered laser hair removal treatment as a way to get back some of that lost time? Keep reading to learn how this permanent hair reduction option can simplify your grooming routine.

How Much Time Do I Currently Spend Shaving?

Take a minute to add up all the time you devote to your hygiene now. For most people, that includes daily face washing and teeth brushing. But you likely also shave your legs a few times per week. And don’t forget about plucking eyebrows, bleaching upper lip hair, or dealing with back hair. It really starts to add up! Even a few minutes here and there eventually turns into hours over the course of a month. Just think what else you could do with an extra hour or two. Laser hair removal treatment promises to eliminate this grooming chore from your life.

What Makes Laser Hair Removal So Time Efficient?

The best thing about laser hair removal treatment is that it offers a permanent reduction in hair growth. In our experience, most people see a 70% to 90% decrease in hair after six to eight sessions. While not 100% perfect, that’s much less maintenance than your current routine. Laser technology works by targeting the pigment in each follicle. The heat disables the hair’s ability to regrow. Treatments are spaced four to six weeks apart to catch all the hairs in different growth cycles. After your series of sessions, you only need an occasional touch-up treatment. While not as speedy as shaving, the long-term time savings really add up.

What Areas Can I Have Treated to See the Biggest Time Savings?

The best return on your investment is the areas that need the most frequent hair removal now. For women, target the legs, underarms, and bikini zone. These all typically require weekly upkeep that quickly drains your time. Face treatments for men tackle another high-maintenance spot. Consider combining several areas into each visit to maximize the results.

Now that you know the time-saving potential of laser hair removal treatment, why not give it a try? Get ready to have your mornings and weekends back again when you kiss constant hair removal goodbye. You’ll wonder why you didn’t try this time-freeing option years ago. According to Fortune Business Insights, around 13.2 million cosmetic procedures were carried out in the United States. If you’re ready to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal treatment or other skin care treatments, reach out to us at Dermacare Med Spa today. We have locations in San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, and San Juan Capistrano.