Can Mona Lisa Touch Help with Incontinence AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Published: October 16, 2018
Category: Women's Health
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Few conditions can make you feel older, more uncomfortable and more self-conscious than incontinence. Problems with incontinence can occur unexpectedly, and can have devastating consequences if you’re unprepared for them. They can affect your work life and home life and have a huge impact on your confidence, thus taking a toll on your personal and intimate relationships as well. Symptoms of incontinence can limit your activities, leaving you to feel restricted and depressed, and the most readily available safeguard against symptoms — bulky and uncomfortable incontinence underwear — can be as embarrassing as the symptoms themselves.

Fortunately, medical treatments for this condition have advanced significantly, and women, in particular, can enjoy these benefits. Today, women can undergo safe and effective treatments for incontinence issues which do not involve surgery or the risks associated with surgery and that easily fit into their busy lifestyle, accommodating their careers, childcare responsibilities and social lives. Best of all, when you have one of these treatments — like MonaLisa Touch, which Dermacare proudly offers — you can enjoy long-term improvements of symptoms and get your life back.

What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a CO2 fractional laser technology treatment that applies carefully controlled and targeted laser pulses to the tissues of the vaginal canal using a handheld laser probe. Using this device, a registered nurse will deliver these laser pulses to the affected area, which create tiny and painless microlesions in the surface tissues of the vaginal canal. These small wounds then stimulate your body’s natural healing response — called neocollagenesis — leading to improvements to a variety of symptoms, including incontinence. A MonaLisa Touch laser treatment involves no pain and no downtime, and a course of treatment requires, on average, only about 15 to 30 minutes in either of our two convenient San Diego locations in Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad.

How does MonaLisa Touch work?

MonaLisa Touch treats the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, which include dryness, pain and discomfort during intercourse and incontinence. This treatment can provide women with relief from these symptoms by spurring a process in the body known as neocollagenesis. As your body begins to heal the microlesions created by MonaLisa Touch, it will naturally begin to generate more collagen and elastin. These compounds, found in all healthy skin, are responsible for the underlying structure of the skin and support good skin tone and elasticity. The increased presence of collagen and elastin helps reverse the effects of vaginal atrophy by increasing the strength of the vaginal walls, improving the tightness of the vaginal canal as well as mitigating incontinence, which is also a result of tissue laxity in this area.

What results does MonaLisa Touch produce?

After having a MonaLisa Touch treatment, all patients have to do is wait for their results to develop naturally over time. Once the tissues of the vaginal canal have been stimulated, your body naturally responds, producing your results. Every woman will respond to a MonaLisa Touch treatment in their own way and at their own speed. Some women may notice immediate results, while others can expect their results to come slowly to fruition over the following weeks.

However, results will occur, and the majority of women who have MonaLisa Touch enjoy significant and lasting relief from their incontinence symptoms. Among the many advantages of having a MonaLisa Touch treatment are that it is non-invasive — meaning you will not need surgery or have the risks of surgery — and also, the treatment has no downtime or protracted recovery period. You can immediately return to work or your other responsibilities, and you will not have any aftercare requirements to manage beyond avoiding intercourse or extremely strenuous exercise for two days post-treatment.

Is MonaLisa Touch right for me?

MonaLisa Touch can provide significant relief of incontinence symptoms. How much relief, of course, depends on the severity of the initial symptoms being treated. More severe symptoms may require more MonaLisa Touch sessions to give women the results they desire. Most women, however, will require about three MonaLisa Touch treatment to have the results they want.

Women will also want to consult with their doctor to identify any causes of incontinence which will not be improved by MonaLisa Touch alone. Contact your doctor and schedule an in-person consultation to have a full exam and discuss your symptoms and experiences to determine if MonaLisa Touch is the best way to seek relief from your incontinence symptoms.

If your doctor believes that vaginal atrophy is a primary driver of your incontinence issues, however, then MonaLisa Touch can be an effective, affordable and convenient treatment to help you regain bladder control and achieve lasting confidence.

MonaLisa Touch and Dermacare can help you feel confident again!

Embarrassing symptoms and a loss of freedom and confidence don’t have to be a permanent part of your life, even if you suffer from problems with incontinence. Fast, effective and long-lasting treatment exists now with MonaLisa Touch, and you can have MonaLisa Touch at Dermacare. Dr. Birchall and his capable staff at Dermacare of Rancho Bernardo have significant experience using MonaLisa Touch and have helped countless women restore their health and vitality, and they look forward to helping you, too, return to a worry-free life.

Dr. Birchall and his staff don’t make beauty; they reveal it. They also can help women resolve a wide variety of issues affecting the face, the body and their wellbeing. Contact Dermacare in San Diego at 858-943-2443 or in Carlsbad at 760-472-5088 to learn more about MonaLisa Touch and all Dermacare’s our services.