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How Long Do Thread Lifts Last?

Thread lifts are continuing to increase in popularity as they consistently provide patients with substantial improvement to their appearance. Tighter skin that feels significantly more voluminous used to be something that only surgical procedures could achieve, but with a nonsurgical facelift, patients in Carlsbad and San Diego can now enjoy a more defined facial structure…

guide to body contouring

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Dermacare’s Ultimate Guide to Body Contouring

Part One: Introduction to Body Contouring What Is Body Contouring? Contours are outlines that define the shape or form of a person or object. When we refer to body contouring procedures, we refer to a group of treatments that aim to improve the appearance of those outlines on our bodies. Typically, this focuses on major…

laser skin treatment patient

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Why Is Laser Maintenance Important?

People are often enamored with the results that a single laser treatment can provide. But the real power of laser treatments lies in their ability to improve on those results over time and how well they can maintain optimal aesthetics over a long period. This is often why practitioners will recommend a laser treatment plan…

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Dermacare’s Ultimate Guide to Dermal Fillers

Part One: Introduction to Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers are minimally invasive injectable treatments that aim to correct a wide array of cosmetic concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging and volume loss. They are called “fillers” because they use formulated compounds to replace what the body has naturally lost. While they primarily target the face,…

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Dermacare’s Ultimate Guide to Wrinkle Relaxers

Part One: Introduction In 2019, more than 5 million wrinkle relaxer injections were performed, making it the single most performed cosmetic procedure of the year.[1] This number includes injections from a variety of neuromodulator brands like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau. Despite a worldwide pandemic that shut down countless industries, wrinkle relaxers held firm in…

trusculpt flex patient

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10 Reasons Why truSculpt Flex Could Be Perfect for You

For a long time, surgery was the only way to get results if you wanted muscle and skin tone improvement. But that isn’t the case anymore. Now, you can choose a less invasive treatment like truSculpt flex. This revolutionary muscle-sculpting procedure can provide you with noticeable improvements without the pain, downtime and investment of surgery.…

cellulite patient

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What You Need to Know About Cellulite and How to Get Rid of It

It is a common cosmetic flaw, but it isn’t exactly something you would like to settle with despite its commonality. Cellulite. Cellulite is a cosmetic concern that can be found on various parts of the body. The ‘cottage cheese’ look can come to define your arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen, preventing you from confidently wearing…

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Can Botox Lift My Eyelids?

When your eyelids droop and sag, it can be a cosmetic problem. Sagging eyelids can potentially make someone look older and more tired than they actually feel and look. Additionally, when the eyelids droop, they can give rise to medical concerns, as the eyelids could disrupt your vision. While you may have heard that a…

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Hair Loss: PRP vs Hair Transplant

People who are searching for ways to restore a receding or thinning hairline are often met with two choices: platelet-rich plasma treatment or a hair transplant. It’s not always clear which is the better option, so let’s have them go a few rounds to see which approach comes out on top… Round 1: Procedure  When…

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Emerging from Isolation: Redefine Your Goals and Yourself

As states across the nation begin the process of lifting shelter-in-place orders and reopening salons, restaurants and other businesses, there is still much uncertainty about how COVID-19 will impact our lives. This has been a challenging time for everyone. We’ve felt anxiety, grief, guilt, anger, boredom, loneliness and other intense emotions that have taken a…