Cellulite is a very prevalent condition. According to Scientific American, more than 90% of women in industrialized countries experience cellulite to some degree. On the other hand, men only develop it about 10% of the time, making it a much more common concern for women who often develop it in places like the butt.

So, is there a minimally invasive injectable solution for women with cellulite who are looking to improve their derrière? For the first time, the answer to that question is yes: QWO injectable treatment.

What Is QWO?

QWO is the very first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for moderate to severe cellulite in women’s buttocks. Cellulite is caused when fat pockets in the skin are held too tightly together by fibrous bands. These bands create tension on the skin’s surface, causing a noticeable dimpling effect that detracts from the body’s appearance.

During QWO treatment, enzymes called collagenases are released into the skin where fat is stored. These enzymes work to release the fibrous bands that hold the fat pockets together. When the tension is removed within the skin, the surface’s dimpling is relieved, leading to a smoother appearance. The collagenases also work to redistribute fat cells and stimulate the growth of new collagen.

Am I a Candidate for QWO?

QWO is specifically developed to treat moderate and severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. So, to be a candidate, you must be a woman who is 18 years of age or older and have cellulite in the buttocks you would like to get rid of. If you are pregnant or if you may become pregnant, are breastfeeding or plan to nurse, or if you have an allergy to collagenase or any other ingredients in QWO, you will typically want to avoid QWO treatment.

It is critical to your satisfaction that you have a clear understanding of what QWO can achieve. We recommend keeping a list of questions you have about your treatment and bringing them with you during your consultation with Dermacare. We will happily answer any questions you have about QWO so that you feel as comfortable as possible as you decide to have the procedure performed. Since QWO is a relatively new procedure, before and after images may be hard to find, but doing your research will help you feel more confident as well.

How Safe Is QWO?

In order to become approved by the FDA, QWO was tested on more than 1,800 women. In the study, patients and their aesthetic specialists agreed there was an improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

QWO is considered to be an extremely safe procedure, especially in the hands of trained professionals like those at Dermacare.

How Should I Prepare for QWO?

Because QWO is a nonsurgical procedure that does not require the use of anesthetic or topical numbing agents, there is virtually no preparation you must do for this treatment. You can maintain all of your regular routines, and if there are any specific instructions about medication or lifestyle adjustments that need to be made, they will be provided to you by one of our medical professionals.

Make sure you mention if you are taking any medications that prevent blood clotting or if you have a general bleeding problem.

What Should I Expect from a QWO Procedure?

During a QWO procedure, the first step will be to clean the injection site area to prevent infection. Then, your medical professional will inject the QWO treatment into your buttocks. The entire procedure usually only takes about ten minutes. You will be given a bandage at the injection site to help stop any minor bleeding that develops from the shot. At that point, your procedure is complete.

To achieve the best possible results, a series of three shots must be completed within 21 days from each other. While three different appointments will be needed, the total procedure time should only be about 30 minutes.

What Should I Expect During QWO Recovery?

In all of the clinical trials that QWO went through, no post-treatment recovery or downtime was required. You can resume your routines immediately after the procedure, and you don’t need to worry about putting pressure on your derrière as some other buttock procedures do. You can generally expect some bruising and mild pain, but these side effects usually subside within a day or two.

The procedure does require three separate injections spaced three weeks apart, so you can expect to deal with some minor side effects after each of these injections. Everyone’s body reacts differently to QWO and injections in general, so you will not know exactly what to expect until the procedure is complete.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from QWO?

As of now, results have shown to last up to a few years. But this is mainly because this is the furthest back data has been collected. It is more permanent than other injectable procedures that you would use on your face and could prove to be as permanent as some surgical procedures. As more data becomes available, we will be happy to update you on typical results’ longevity.

Patients can typically expect to see a noticeable improvement in cellulite’s appearance in their buttocks, leading to a smoother butt appearance and an overall better body contour. Many patients feel much more confident wearing bikinis or tight clothing since their butts are more uniform.

Can I Combine QWO with Other Procedures?

QWO can be safely combined with other procedures that will help boost the appearance of your contours. Here are a few procedures we recommend considering if you are interested in having more than one treatment performed:

  • Coolsculpting: Freeze fat cells and eliminate fat for a slimmer, more contoured appearance.
  • Natural Breast Augmentation: Transfer your fat from an unwanted area to your breasts for a natural boost in your breast size.
  • Radiofrequency Excision: Clear your skin of superficial tags and moles for a smoother, more uniform appearance.

During your consultation, one of Dermacare’s medical professionals will help you develop the best possible treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

How Much Does QWO Cost?

You can expect to pay about $2,400 for all three QWO injections, but this will shift depending on your unique conditions and the amount of correction needed. During your consultation, our office will provide you with an accurate estimate for your procedure.

Smooth Your Backside with QWO at Dermacare

We have offices in San Diego and Carlsbad ready to help you get started with QWO treatment. We understand that it can be stressful to try a new procedure, especially when the treatment is even new to the market. But we are happy to spend as much time as you need to help you feel good about moving forward.

You can reach our San Diego office at (858) 487-3376 or our Carlsbad office at (760) 448-8100 to schedule an appointment with Dermacare today. You can also fill out our online contact form, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.