Natural Buttocks Augmentation AT DERMACARE SAN DIEGO

Use your own fat cells to create fuller feminine curves.

Procedure Summary:

Indications: Volumizing in the buttocks
Downtime: 2 days, swelling for 1+week
Anesthetic Needs: Local anesthetic
Typical Package: Single treatments

Natural Butt Augmentation uses your own fat cells to create fuller feminine curves by lifting, shaping, and augmenting the buttocks. This procedure provides patients with a natural alternative to artificial buttocks implants. The results of Natural Buttocks Augmentation are natural-looking and long lasting, with less medical risk and downtime than other butt-enhancing techniques.

Natural Buttocks Augmentation uses your body’s own fat to lift, shape, and enhance your butt. This treatment provides more natural-looking results that last longer than artificial butt implants without the need for maintenance surgeries. Since Natural Buttocks Augmentation uses only your own fat cells, it drastically reduces the risk of infection and complication often associated with artificial implants.

Natural Butt Augmentation provides patients with long-lasting, natural-looking results. Other benefits include:

  • No maintenance treatments
  • Low medical risks
  • Minimal downtime
  • No general anesthesia required

Natural Buttocks Augmentation uses the latest advances in laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer techniques. Now, Dr. Birchall is able to harvest natural fat cells through a process gentle enough that the cells remain intact and viable. During the procedure, fat cells will be flushed from other areas of your body and then carefully injected into your butt to lift, shape, and enhance the buttocks.

Natural Butt Augmentation is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. Using the advanced laser-assisted liposuction procedure, Dr. Birchall will carefully remove the necessary amount of fat from targeted parts of your body – generally the abdomen or hips. This fat removal process is so gentle that the fat cells remain intact and ready for immediate transfer. During the procedure, Dr. Birchall  will carefully inject your own fat cells into your buttocks.