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It’s Not Just Fat

Whether it is Botox, Juvederm, a laser treatment, or most recently our LifeSculpt (Laser assisted liposuction) I continue to be amazed at how profoundly affected people are by the outcomes of a procedure.  LifeSculpt, in particular has been transforming for people.  Repeatedly, people talk about how their life has been changed.  More specifically, their outlook…

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LifeSculpt (Laser Assisted Liposuction) and Weight Loss

One of the more common lines of questions that come up during a LifeSculpt consult is about the effects of weight loss on the liposuction procedure. Is there an ideal weight? Should I lose weight first? How will weight loss affect the procedure? Etc. The ideal candidate is at a healthy weight with a stubborn…

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Cooling Off Fat

Dermacare is pleased to announce the addition of the CoolSculpt procedure to their repertoire of body shaping services. CoolSculpt will add a non-surgical, no downtime treatment option to Dermacare’s weight loss counseling (TSFL), and laser assisted liposuction (LifeSculpt). This complement of options will allow Dermacare to customize a plan to meet most everyone’s goals from complete…